“Facial paralysis, treatment within 72 hours is the golden time” |

The causes of facial palsy are mid-facial paralysis due to brain problems such as cerebral haemorrhage and cerebral infarctiona Peripheral facial palsy caused by a problem with the facial nerve, which is a peripheral nerve that has branched from the brain.divided into

peripheral facial palsyYes Classified into Bell’s palsy and Ramsay Hunt syndrome as appropriateit will be different types of virusesthere are Bell’s palsy occurs without any specific cause.and according to a recent study It can also be caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Ramsay Hunt syndromemoney Caused by varicella zoster virusa Symptoms of shingles, such as blisters or intense painafter Bell’s palsy Ramsay Hunt syndrome is usually very severe.

A prodromal symptom of facial palsy is an ‘earache’in. A few days before starting, pain in the bone (mastoid), the size of the upper part of the thumb, which is located under the back of the auriclewill feel Following Less sense of taste 2-3 days before startingBut it is not a vulgar phenomenon. The sense of taste itself on the tongue becomes dull. However, not all of these symptoms lead to facial paralysis.

Kang Joong-won, professor at Kyung Hee Korean Medicine Hospital “Facial paralysis is most effective when treated within 72 hours of onset.”like “Facial paralysis is a race against time, and the longer the treatment is delayed, the worse it continues to get, so the treatment must be done without delay.”He said.

If moderate facial palsy is treated appropriately from the start, Symptoms improve within two to two and a half months after they startdo. but Each patient has a different degree of nerve damage which affects the degree of symptoms, so they may recover more quickly, or if symptoms are severe, they may not recover at all and leave behind -effects. Depending on the age of the patient or the state of his physical condition and physical strength, the treatment period may vary.

Professor Kang Joong-won said, “Prevention of facial paralysis is more important than control in daily life.” “When mental stress increases, when physical fatigue lasts for a long time, when general immunity decreases, such as when you weaken after suffering from a serious illness, the possibility of developing the disease increases , so general health recovery is the most important. “He said.

“Ensuring the quantity and quality of meals and sleep, avoiding excessive stress, preventing the accumulation of physical fatigue, and maintaining muscle strength through regular exercise are also important,” he emphasized.

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