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Focus on international sports! Thailand aims to sweep 120 gold medals, SEA Games Vietnam

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As Vietnam has announced to confirm the date of the 31st SEA Games “Hanoi 2022” in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is during the period between 12-23 May 2022, with 40 sports competitions, a total of 526 gold medals.

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Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) has set goals. and the expectation of the Thai national team athletes To participate in the 2022 SEA Games by planning each sporting association “In Thailand” summons athletes to a training camp during December 2021 to May 2022, a total of 5 months to prepare before traveling to the competition.

At the same time, the SAT also requires each sports association to submit a plan to assess the performance expectations of athletes in the 2022 SEA Games in all 40 sports, including 123 gold medals, classified as follows: International sports categories, 81 gold medals, consisting of athletics, 13 gold medals, shooting Gun 8 gold medals, Taekwondo 6 gold medals, Boxing 5 gold medals, Gymnastics 5 gold medals, golf 4 gold medals, Judo 3 gold medals, fencing 4 gold medals, canoe and kayak 4 gold medals, rowboat 4 gold coins

Tennis 3 gold medals, indoor volleyball 2 gold medals, handball 1 gold medal, soccer 2 gold medals, karate 2 gold medals, swimming 1 gold medal, weightlifting 1 gold medal, wrestling 1 gold medal, basketball 1 gold medal, Table tennis 2 gold medals, archery 2 gold medals, badminton 2 gold medals, cycling 2 gold medals, triathlon 3 gold medals and beach volleyball 1 gold

Sports category 42 gold medals as follows: Dance 6 gold medals, Muay Thai 5 gold medals, Takraw 4 gold medals, Petanque 4 gold medals, Jujitsu 3 gold medals, Bodybuilding 3 gold medals, Esports 3 gold medals, Futsal 2 gold medals, Pancak Silat 2 gold medals, bowling 2 gold medals, Kurat 2 gold medals, billiards 1 gold, Xiangqi Chess 1 gold and Wushu 1 gold

However, SAT has assessed from the map each sports association has submitted and considers the potential goals of the Thai national team athletes in the 2022 SEA Games by estimating that The Thai army will be able to win 120 gold medals and have the opportunity to become the gold medalist in international sports as well.

The results of the Thai national team athletes in the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines last time ago Can win a total of 318 medals, divided into 92 gold medals, 103 silver medals and 123 bronze medals, ranked 3rd in the competition, with the “host” Philippines ranked 1 and Vietnam ranked 2 respectively.

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