Free Apps & Games (Regular Sale) 2nd April 2023 iPhone, iPad Quick Load

Free Daily Apps and Games for iPhone, iPad Introducing Instant Heart Rate+ HR Monitor and SnoreGym Today team collection Worth hundreds of baht, click to load quickly before the price increases.

iPhone, iPad Apps and Games

Instant Heart Rate+ HR Monitor Free (Regularly $1.99) The most accurate and easy to use heart rate app. Get your heart rate in less than 10 seconds Monitor your stress level. See trends and insights. Free download from the App Store

Time Warp – Free Live Video Filters (Regularly $3.99) With over a dozen effects to experiment with, Time Warp takes your live video diced. Then merge them together to create a new video. Free download from the App Store

Free GPS tracks (usually $3.99) One of the better GPS apps for sports enthusiasts for iPhone, this is the one to go with for your outdoor navigation needs. Free download from the App Store

Water Coach is free (regularly $0.99) It’s an app that helps you manage your health. Reminds you when to drink and keeps your water intake in the right balance for you at all times. Free download from the App Store

SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring Free Gift (Usually $4.99) Reduce your snoring with SnoreGym, the calming sleep training app from the creators of SnoreLab. Free to download from the App Store.

Sync for FitBit Health is free (regularly $3.99). Download your Fitbit history from and store it on your iPhone in the Apple Health app. Free on the App Store.

Find your Fitbit – Super fast! Free Gift (Usually $4.99) It helps to find your lost Fitbit quickly. When you are close to your Fitbit, the indicator light will turn orange-red. Free download from the App Store

▶ How to check which apps are subscribed daily/monthly/yearly and charged or not See details here.

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