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“Free Cars” More than 200 riders may come to Taiwan to be an epidemic prevention break in Taiwan and forced to cancel the race-Free Sports

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The Tour of Taiwan was forced to cancel. (Officially provided)

[Reporter Liao Yuwei/Taipei Report]The domestic free car event and the 2021 International Free Car Ring-Taiwan Road Race were originally scheduled to be held in March this year. Due to epidemic factors, it was decided to postpone it to November 28 to December 2, but considering the changes in the international epidemic , And the Tour of Taiwan is a top-level event where more than 200 elites from various countries come to Taiwan to participate. In order to avoid the risk of many international players coming to Taiwan to break the Taiwan epidemic, the Free Car Association and the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education decided to cancel the event after discussion .

The 2021 Tour of Taiwan has been affected by the epidemic, and the international epidemic has not slowed down in recent years, and neighboring countries have also spread. In addition, Taiwan continues to implement strict border control measures. Team staff who come to Taiwan to participate must be quarantined for 14 days. This means that more than 95% of the team’s staff in the Tour of Taiwan must be isolated and controlled, and nearly 70% of the teams participating in the Tour of Taiwan are from European and American countries. Considering the risk of the outbreak of the epidemic, it was decided to cancel the 2021 Tour of Taiwan.

After confirming the cancellation of the 2021 Tour of Taiwan, the Auto Association is still actively preparing the preparations for the 2022 Tour of Taiwan. The 2022 Tour of Taiwan will be held from March 13 to 17, 2022. The Taiwan team will compete in 2019 and 2020. The Tour of Taiwan has performed well. It coincides with the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. The Tour of Taiwan is even more important to the national team. The Association will also plan a series of training plans to prepare for the Taiwan team.

During the international epidemic, free-cycling players training through the smart training platform has become one of the important training methods in the epidemic. Not only can they maintain their physical fitness, but also use virtual riding software to pull various routes indoors, so that the players still have a flat road sprint Experience with climbing routes.

Free car e-sports competition has become a new trend in international free car development. The association is planning to hold Asia’s first international free car e-sports competition “2021 Taiwan Cup-International Free Car E-sports Competition” at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall from November 27 to 28. It has been confirmed that the top five players of the 2020 World Free Car E-sports Championship will all compete online. At present, members of the Hangzhou Asian Games training team are also invited to participate in the training to compete with international players early. Compete.

The Tour of Taiwan was forced to cancel. (Officially provided)

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