Fubon Titans personnel change Cai Chengru removed from the team leader position and was succeeded by Lin Huawei, the principal of the Front Office of the University of Physical Education

Fubon Titans personnel changes and hired Mr. Lin Huawei as the second team leader in team history (Source: Fubon Titans Pellet)

Text/Lu Quanhong

After the middle vocational season, Fubon Titans frequently reported that there will be personnel changes within the team. On the Internet, Lin Huawei, the principal of the Front Office of the University of Physical Education, will be the leader of the team. Today Fubon Titans also officially issued a press release announcing this. , Cai Chengru, the former chairman of Fubon Yule and leader of the Fubon Titans, will officially step down as the leader after completing the phased tasks. He will serve as the chairman of Fubon Yule and continue to assist in the sound and diversified development of Taiwan’s sports environment. The second leader of the Fubon Titans team history will be appointed by Mr. Lin Huawei, the former president of the National Taiwan Sports University, and it will take effect on February 1 next year.

Lin Huawei has deep baseball qualifications. He was selected for the Seven Tigers Little Baseball Team at Yongfu Elementary School in Tainan City during the Little League. Then he went north to Huaxing Middle School to study and play basketball. The university was at Fu Jen Catholic University. A frequent visitor to the national team, he joined the Chinese baseball team in 1976, played for the Japanese social team in 1983, was the national player of the Chinese team in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, and coached the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. The Chinese team won the best in history. For the silver medal score, the other coach in the coaching team that year was Gao Yingjie, the chairman of the CITIC Brothers Group.

Fubon Titans has had internal disturbances in the past two years. This time, we have replaced a team leader with rich baseball qualifications, hoping to integrate the team’s strength, lead the Titans coaching team and each member to achieve good results, and write down the glory that belongs to the Fubon Titans.

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