G-Dragon and Jennie’s breakup rumors have gotten more skinny

G-Dragon and Jennie’s breakup rumors have gotten more skinny

2022-05-30 10:27:24

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Group Big Bang leader G-Dragon

After rumors of a breakup with BLACKPINK member Jennie surfaced, she released a picture of herself.

G-Dragon posted several photos on his personal SNS on the morning of May 30.

In the photo, G-Dragon showed off his unique sense by digesting various fashions. He also showed off his comfortable charm with a black T-shirt and a beanie, as well as matching sneakers of a unique color with skinny pants that emphasized his skinny body.

In the picture that looked like it was taken in the elevator, he wore a white T-shirt, a white jacket, and black pants, exuding warmth in a natural mood.

This post is even more eye-catching because G-Dragon posted a picture of himself for the first time after being caught up in rumors of a breakup with Jenny. Earlier, on the 26th, when photos of daisies and roses were released, there was also a lot of interest.

G-Dragon and Jenny’s agency, YG Entertainment, has not made an official statement about the recent breakup rumors. When the dating rumors were reported on February 24 of last year, they said, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the artist’s private life.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang, to which G-Dragon belongs, released a new song ‘Still Life’ on the 5th of last month. This is an album released about 4 years after the release of the single ‘Flower Road’, and it is an impressive song with beautiful lyrics added to a timeless melody.

(Photo=G-Dragon SNS)

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