GARMIN launches INSTINCT 2X Solar, the latest series of outdoor smartwatches. Complement the INSTINCT range of products.

  • New size, big and strong. Comes with a built-in multipurpose flashlight upgraded solar charging system With the larger solar size, the Instinct 2X offers up to 50% more battery life than the Instinct 2 Solar.
  • Full of adventure features and health features with built-in sports mode and intelligent alert system
  • Highlight the 3 product highlights of the INSTINCT series, emphasizing the outdoor street character. Organize a fun activity with the return of the “GARMIN INTINCT DAY” event from 10 – 11 June 2023 from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM, in the Activity Hall on Floor G, Discovery Plaza.

Garmin Providing the widest range of GPS technology across the aerospace, automotive, marine, fitness and outdoor industries. Launch of INSTINCT 2X Solar The latest series in the INSTINCT family, Garmin’s most popular outdoor GPS smartwatch. That still maintains the excellent BOLD & RUGGED style design in a larger size than before With an easy-to-read 50 mm display, the case is made of fiber-reinforced polymer. Made of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), certified to US military standard MIL-STD-810, it is thermal, shock resistant and water resistant to a depth of 100 meters ( 10 ATM).1 Comes with chemically coated Power Glass lens. scratch resistant And with the larger solar size, the Instinct 2X Solar offers up to 50% more battery life than the Instinct 2 Solar, extending battery life in smartwatch mode.2 Enabling wearers to live life to the fullest without having to worry about charging The INSTINCT 2X Solar Series comes in two models to choose from: INSTINCT 2X Solar comes at a price of 16,590 baht. a INSTINCT 2X Solar – Tactical Edition, price 18,390 baht. Garmin also pleases INSTINCT fans, organizing “GARMIN INSTINCT DAY” for the second consecutive year under the concept “WHATEVER YOU DO, TRUST YOUR CREATION.”Inviting Thai outdoor enthusiasts to experience INSTINCT while reinforcing the character of outdoor streets through fun activities. For example, Balloon Fight, a free play area for skateboarding and BMX activities, together with special shows from experienced guests.From 10 – 11 June 2023 time 13.00 – 20.00hours in the activity area in the connecting corridor, floor G, Discovery Plaza More details on activities within the event can be tracked viaGarmin Thailand Facebook Fan Page

Ms. Hansa Apanukul, Marketing Strategy Manager, Garmin Thailand He said, “From the good flow of outdoor activities. Therefore, we continue to develop Solar INSTINCT 2X products to complement the INSTINCT Family even more strongly. to increase the choice of different designs Responding to outdoor enthusiasts looking for a rugged, durable and long-lasting smartwatch, the INSTINCT 2X Solar is not only packed with health tracking features. exercise and intelligent warning system It is also full of technology and innovation for adventure and outdoor activities, such as built-in LED flashlight, multi-band positioning technology. and solar technology that can extend battery life for a long time Satisfying the needs of active lifestyles Whether camping, hiking or rock climbing, the INSTINCT 2X Solar can be your perfect partner for any activity.”

shining in the night – Light up the night

The INSTINCT 2X Solar comes with an LED flashlight that can be adjusted to the brightness level. Whether setting up a tent in the middle of the forest Or running in the dark, the red (green on Tactical models) and white lights from the built-in flashlight illuminate the area and the surrounding situation clearly. The Solar has INSTINCT 2X also has a flashing mode (Strobe Mode), which will flash back to the running rhythm. and alternately between white and red (on the Tactical model all white lights flash) when swinging the arm It’s easy to notice the wearer. Increase safety and build confidence at every step.

Innovation for Health and Connectivity – Innovative tools to stay healthy and connected

INSTINCT 2X Solar users can track their health goals. exercise, lifestyle, and outdoor adventure activities with fully available features and information, such as

  • Track health and fitness data 24 hours a day, including wrist heart rate, advanced sleep tracking. breathing rate and blood oxygen saturation (Pulse Ox)3
  • Built-in multiple sports modes like running, cycling, swimming, strength training, along with VO2 Max measurement feature and many other training features.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your overall body, training and recovery with heart rate variability (HRV) while you sleep, powered by technology developed by the Firstbeat Analytics™ team.
  • Supports multi-band GNSS technology, allowing for more accurate positioning. in any environment
  • Navigate with ABC sensors including a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.
  • Go on an adventure with peace of mind with the TracBack® routing feature that helps remember the route for the wearer to return to the starting point. And it can also trace the path from the current location to the reference point (Reference Point) that is also defined.
  • Never lose touch with smart notifications. It also supports Garmin Pay™, a contactless payment system with the watch via credit cards from supported banks, and Garmin x Rabbit, a Rabbit Card payment service at service providers with a Rabbit Card welcome sign. or download the More app from Connect IQ™4

new! Added obstacle race activity mode – Addition of obstacle race activity

Especially for outdoor enthusiasts who love to run over obstacles, the INSTINCT 2X Solar is the first smartwatch series to add an obstacle running activity. There will be various runs and obstacles. to choose from several types Athletes can record running statistics over each obstacle. By recording the obstacle in the first lap The watch will automatically follow up on the next lap. The obstacle course activity mode will provide information on the number of runs on the specified route. elapsed time crossing each obstacle Running data for each split (distance, pace, cadence, step), Elevation Profile, heart rate and distance.

Designed to achieve goals – Purpose built to conquer the mission

Solar INSTINCT 2X – Tactical Edition is packed with tactical training features, including Jumpmaster mode, integrated tactical activities, and more. Projected Waypoints, Dual position GPS and Night Display that can be seen through a night vision lens (Night Vision Compatibility) The Solar INSTINCT 2X – Tactical Edition also features a Stealth Mode, which prevents GPS location exposure and also disables connectivity wireless.GPS location will still be displayed on the watch face. But it will not be saved or shared. The INSTINCT 2X Solar LED flashlight – Tactical Edition differs from the standard version in white and green. for the wearer to take advantage of operations at night Because the green light will help to see well in the natural darkness of the human eye.

“The arrival of INSTINCT 2X this time will emphasize even more.The two highlights 3 of all the products in the larger INSTINCT series, starting from the INSTINCT 2, the INSTINCT 2S, and the INSTINCT CROSSOVER, including: 1) powerful battery – Extend battery life for long time use with solar energy technology. 2) pass international standards Certified to US military standards MIL-STD-810 for heat, shock and water resistance in BOLD & RUGGED style. 3) Various designs – dial styles, colors and case sizes Ready to respond to the diverse needs of Thai customers,” Hansa concluded.

The INSTINCT 2 series is ready for Thai people in the streets to own today. The INSTINCT 2 series starts at just 10,990 baht The INSTINCT 2X Solar is available in 4 colors: Graphite, Flame, Red Colors, Stone White and Moss at a price of 16,590 baht and the INSTINCT 2X Solar – Tactical Edition available in 2 colors: black and Coyote Tan at a price of 18,390 baht Meet the INSTINCT 2 series at official dealers of all branches of Garmin Follow more information about the product is or in Garmin Thailand Facebook fan page a Instagram Garmin Philippines


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