‘Girlfriend nude’ posted on social media… Doctor killed by his girlfriend

Prativa (centre), who murdered her boyfriend, and friends who took part in the attack. (India Express)

An Indian doctor was found gang-raped and killed by his girlfriend and friends after he posted nude photos of his girlfriend on social media.

On the 21st, Indian Express announced that Prativa, a 27-year-old female architect, was arrested on charges of murdering her boyfriend with her friends. Two of the three men who helped Prativa’s crimes were also arrested, and police are tracing the whereabouts of the other.

According to Bangalore Police, Karnataka, the man killed was Vikas Rajan, a doctor who lived with Prativa, who used a picture of his girlfriend to pretend to be a woman on social media.

Recently, Prativa accidentally found a picture of herself and her mother on social media and discovered that it was Rajan who uploaded her picture using a fake ID.

On the 10th, Prativa and Rajan had a fight over this issue, and Prativa informed her friends. On the same day, Prativa and her friends beat Rajan with a mop and a glass bottle, and Rajan fell unconscious. Rajan was taken to hospital for treatment, but died four days later on the 14th.

Prativa denied the allegations, telling the police that “Rajan had a small argument with my friends” and “they killed Rajan and I did nothing.” However, the police determined that Prativa was the main culprit through the Daejil Shimbun, and arrested him and his gang together.


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