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Ben Affleck, the protagonist of the new suspenseful action film “Hypnotic Sniper”, admits that he admires “her” the most. (Photo source: Provided by Jiashang Entertainment)

Hollywooda starBen AffleckAlita: Battle Angel starring, billionaire director Robert Roriguez wrote and directed a new suspenseful action film “hypnotic attack“, it took 21 years from the conception of the script to the official release, and the filming period was repeatedly postponed due to the effect of the epidemic, and it took 18 months to start filming smoothly.Alice Bragashe laughed and said: “I should be the only one who is happy about delaying the production period!” In the film, she and Ben Affleck met in adversity. Lek revealed that he is a fan of Braga, and said directly: “I can’t help but feel extremely strong energy and excitement!”

Alice Braga in “hypnotic attack“In the film, Diana Cruz, a hypnosis expert, tipped off the police about the upcoming bank robbery, then assisted detective Danny Locke played by Ben Affleck to find dangerous fugitives, and then led Locke to understand the mysteries of the world of hypnosis. , but because of this Caused a murderous disaster.

Braga’s relationship with Robert Roriguez began in 2010 when she performed in his productionA movie“Ultimate Soldiers”, this time Rodriguez was handpicked to be promoted to the heroine in “Hypnosis Sniper”, but she was busy with the album “Queen of the South” at the time, and she almost miss the opportunity because of the busyness. schedule, Braga said: “I sincerely pray that the director will not find other actresses!” Later, due to the spread of pneumonia of the new crown in “Hypnosis Sniper”, the shooting was postponed several times, and Braga got the role as he wanted. I fell in love with it right away! Because he is completely different from any character I have in hand. ” She happily shared her admiration for director and screenwriter Robert Roriguez, “Robert is a visionary. Been 30 years, knows filmmaking so well, and it’s a pleasure to be around him because you can really let go, pour your heart out for him, play, follow his lead…he’s the type of a guy who always brings out the good The director of ideas. He can be seen in “The City of Evil”, “Alita: Battle Angel”, and “Little Heroes of the People” These three completely different production projects, each with its own genes, this is what made so special.”

When Roriguez talked about Braga’s performance in “Hypnosis Sniper”, he praised her sincerity, which is an indispensable element of this film, “I spoke toAlice BragaI’ve worked with her and I admire her, she brings warmth, layers and intelligence to the characters, she exudes a sense of mystery, one can even make one believe she has powers really hypnotic, and when she explains it to you, she goes into great detail about how to do it, you will accept everything she says, she is amazing! ”

Ben Affleck also admitted that he was a fan of Alice Braga a long time ago, “I’m her fan, I’ve admired her for a long time, and I’ve always hoped to have the opportunity to work with her. I was expected her originally. to be involved in this film, I’m very excited when it’s a predictable ending! She’s so professional, so dedicated and passionate about what she’s involved in, it’s n contagious, and you can’t help but feel a dynamism when working with her Energy and excitement!” Braga is also very grateful for this opportunity to play on the same stage as “Gold Award Winner” Ben Affleck for the first time, “Ban is so good, a person who knows a lot, not only can act but also dedicates himself It is a great honor to work with him to create films!”

Director Robert Roriguez has been writing the script for “Hypnosis Sniper” since 2002, and it finally made it to the big screen after 21 years! Roriguez was moved to describe “as if seeing an unattainable dream come true”, and went on to say: “It captured my imagination and ignited my pile of ideas, which is what we are as filmmakers or what you are trying to achieve it. take the audience into a dark space and then try to convince them that what they are seeing is completely real, at least real enough for them to get emotionally invested in it. You use images, sounds and music Create a hypnotic structure to make them believe and feel a certain way, and this film goes out with that, the trigger kicks it.”

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