Haha♥Byul’s youngest daughter Songi overcomes rare disease Guillain-Barre “A filial daughter who overcame all difficult diseases”

Singer Byul revealed the current status of her daughter, Songi, who overcame the rare disease Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

On the 10th, Byul posted on YouTube channel ‘Starry Tube’, ‘”Come to me too!” A date with Songi who loves cats so much’ was released.

Byul, who released the video after about 3 months, said, “Bulha! You waited and waited a long time. Talking about it makes me want to cry. Our youngest was sick. During the time when Songi was ill, she gave up many activities and had time to take care of the child,” she admitted, adding, “Our Songi is a filial daughter, so she overcame all the difficult illnesses and became back.”

Next, Byul said, “When Songi was sick, it was difficult for her to sit, stand, and even walk on her own. At the same time, Byeol said, “Songi rewatched herself and imitated her vocal chords that only celebrities do” and boasted about Songi shouting ‘Glitter bye~’ and Songi’s individual bow dancing skill new.

In response, netizens said, “The song has grown a lot! Songi is the best”, “I missed Songi~~”, “Songi is not sick anymore and let’s be happy”, “Congratulations on coming back” etc.

Meanwhile, Haha and Byul’s youngest daughter Songi, who married in 2012, was suffering from a rare disease called Guillain Barre, which she recently overcame and revealed her improved health.

Baek Ah-young / Screen Capture Starlight Tube

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