Headless Man Found in Motel Bathtub: A Horrifying Tale of Revenge and Tragedy

Horror Unveiled: The Mysterious Case of a Headless Man in a Japanese Motel – A Tale of Revenge

In a shocking turn of events, the quaint town of Hokkaido, Japan, was gripped by a spine-chilling case that unfolded in early July. The eerie discovery of a headless body submerged in a motel bathtub, devoid of any fingerprints or traces, left both the perplexed locals and the baffled police at a loss. However, a breakthrough came in the form of a photograph capturing a mysterious woman, hauling a bag out of the very same establishment. It was soon revealed that the woman in question was the dreaded avenger, driven by a tragic tale of her own violation and seeking justice.

The Enigmatic Victim: Hitoshi’s Double Life

Unraveling the layers of this macabre incident takes us back to the idyllic life of Hitoshi, a seemingly ordinary company employee, raising a family with a wife and a son. Little did those close to him know that beneath his regular exterior, Hitoshi led a clandestine double life by donning female attire and frequented clubs and bars under the alias “Tomo-chan.” Witnesses from these establishments described Tomo-chan as having a preference for the fairer sex.

One fateful evening, after a disco party in Sapporo, Hitoshi found himself lured away from the crowd at the stroke of 10 pm. Accompanied by an unidentified individual, he surreptitiously checked into a nearby motel, evading prying eyes. Hours later, another figure, carrying a suitcase and an extra large bag, discreetly entered the motel premises, igniting no suspicion whatsoever.

A Grisly Discovery and the Mysterious Photograph

The tranquil atmosphere of the motel room remained undisturbed until 2 p.m. the following day when the perplexed hotel staff grew concerned about the prolonged silence. Alarmed, they ventured into the room and stumbled upon the shocking sight of a headless body, lifeless in a water-filled tub. Astonishingly, a thorough investigation by the police yielded no tangible evidence – no fingerprints, no blood, and no personal belongings. Only by utilizing the victim’s fingerprints were they able to establish his identity.

In a cruel twist of fate, law enforcement clung to a single clue: a photograph that depicted a mysterious woman, effortlessly dragging a bag away from the motel premises. Sensing a possible connection, the authorities scrutinized Hitoshi’s acquaintances, eventually leading them to a woman named “Runa.” A subsequent raid on her residence astoundingly unearthed Hitoshi’s decapitated head, resting atop the stairs. The jaw-dropper came in the form of Runa’s mother, bravely disclosing the horrifying truth.

A Dark and Twisted Tale Unveiled

“Our child confided in us – she had been raped,” confessed Runa’s mother with a tremor in her voice. Prior to the incident, a neighbor spotted Hitoshi visiting Runa’s house, prompting her father to vigilantly oversee her safety from a parked car. It was revealed that the seemingly affable Hitoshi utilized his cross-dressing guise to gain the trust of unsuspecting women before inflicting harm upon them. Runa had also fallen victim to his sinister intentions, enduring torment and blackmail. Unable to bear her suffering any longer, her distraught father took matters into his own hands.

Runa’s father, a reputable psychiatrist within the community, played an instrumental role in orchestrating this dreadful act. The day before the tragedy unfolded, he and Runa purchased a suitcase, meticulously preparing for the grim task at hand. Astonishingly, he coached Runa with such precision that even the police found themselves baffled by the thoroughness of their actions, which entailed murder, disposal, and cleaning. The chilling revelation casts a shadow over Runa herself, whose peculiar demeanor and constrained personality have been remarked upon by the locals.

A Troubling Reflection: A Struggle for Justice

An unsettling reality emerges as the layers of this case are peeled away. Runa, often misinterpreted as having a troubled personality due to her introverted nature, was subjected to both sexual assault and bullying. Troublingly, despite her attempts to seek justice by reporting Hitoshi to the authorities, her pleas fell on deaf ears, culminating in this heinous act. This unsettling narrative sheds light on the prevailing issues surrounding rape cases in Japan, where victims either fear reporting or face indifference from law enforcement, leaving countless women vulnerable and without recourse.

Cases of horror in Japan When someone found the body of a headless man in a motel bathtub. No one knew what had happened and the police could find no fingerprints. But then there was a photo of a mysterious woman dragging a bag out of the hotel. And she was the one who killed this man to get revenge for raping her!

Go back to the beginning of July. The past in Hokkaido There was a man called ‘Hitoshi’ who was a company employee and had a wife and son. But in his free time, Hitoshi wears cross dresses and goes out to clubs and bars using the nickname ‘Tomo-chan’ People who know him in clubs say that Tomo-chan likes girls. One night, Hitoshi dresses up and goes to a disco party in Sapporo.

After about 10 pm Hitoshi then left the party and met someone before going into a motel which was only 5 minutes away from the party, they both went into the room, nobody paying any attention. After about three hours the mysterious person who had accompanied Hitoshi also checked in with a suitcase and a large extra bag.

Two in the afternoon the next day the hotel staff began to wonder why the room was still quiet so they went to look. And then find a headless body lying in a tub of water! When the police checked, they found no traces whatsoever. No fingerprints, blood, and personal belongings were found on the body. Officers had to use the body’s fingerprints to trace the owner of this body.

As time passed, the police had only one clue: a picture of a mysterious ‘woman’ dragging a bag out of the motel. The police went to check if Hitoshi had any problems with anyone until he met a woman called ‘Runa’. Then the police went to raid the house and found Hitoshi’s head in the upstairs bathroom’ the stairs in the house! But what is more frightening is the confession of the mother who tells the whole story.

“The child told us that he had raped her.” Before the incident happened, a neighbor had seen Hitoshi coming to Runa’s house. Runa’s father had to sit and eat in the car parked in front of the house to watch over his child. The bright-looking Hitoshi is actually a cross-dresser in order to lure women into his confidence before harming them. Runa was also filmed and threatened. A father knows that he will not beg to suffer anymore.

Runa’s father is a psychiatrist who is respected in the community. The day before the event, Tad and Runa went to buy a suitcase to prepare. Apparently father also taught Runa to act because his work was so neat that even the police were confused. (including killing, exhausting, cleaning, etc.) He was the person who helped and helped buy ice to keep Hitoshi’s head in the house.

“Runa is weird and has a bad personality.” This resident was arrested. History says that Runa is introverted and mentally ill. But there was a male friend from school who used to call Runa that she looked like a cartoon character. Had a hole and threatened me with a cutter saying don’t call me that. Her loud-mouthed friend thought Runa had a bad personality, even though Runa had been sexually assaulted and bullied herself.

There is information that Runa already reported to the police about Hitoshi but nothing came of it and ended up with a murder like this. In Japan, there are very few cases of rape. (Because the police don’t care to be informed/victims don’t dare to report) And there are many cases in Japan where women have been attacked but no one cares.

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