“Hi-So Champ” posted a warning to his ex-wife. Don’t mess with the gray kid. After being informed about the gambling web gang, celebrities “Por.”

“Hi-So Champion” posted to warn ex-wife Don’t mess with the gray kid. After finding out about the gambling web gang, the “Por” star has now fled to England.

The news has been silent from the media for a long time. “Hi-So Champ” Jirat Phetnanthawong But the latest news has been mentioned again. After coming out with a long post via IG story stating that…“When I know there are comments that refer to me Originally, I never wanted to intervene because you do business like everyone else. But you’re going to tell other people. Misunderstanding that I am the one who spread the news about your wrong online business Tao Tao.”

“Hi-So Champ” Jirat Phetnanthawong

“And I warn my ex-wife not to get my children involved in bad things. Tao Tao’s business will be online or whatever. Let me warn you like father son. And as a father, if anything happens, I am always ready to support my child. #Stop bleaching the nation #Don’t let me come down and play with you guys. #Don’t put my child in your gray environment. #OmeletteFIFA #Don’t confuse yourself in London…the weather in Thailand is just as cold.”

However, predicting that the story that the high-so champion has posted is likely to be related to the past caseActor “Por.” Famous Surname Previously, he was open to doing business with a gaming website with a man known to people in the industry as “omlet” because the ex-wife of the champion was so high. to have intimacy with people in this network

“Janie Janila” or Janila Prinya Saenmuang


according to the latest information Both were said to be famous “Por” and Omelet have fled according to “Elder” who has already issued an arrest warrant to hide in England. and Hi-So Champion’s ex-wife as “Janie Janila” or Janila Prinya Saenmuang who suddenly deleted his own Instagram in the last few days and is currently fleeing to live in London England

“Janie Janila” or Janila Prinya Sanmuang / Close IG

Iso Champ and ex-wife “Janie Janila” or Janila Prinya Saenmuang

“Janie Janila” or Janila Prinya Saenmuang

“Hi-So Champion” Jirat Phetnanthawong

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