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5. HPV Vaccination | Groups suitable for vaccination

Different vaccine products have their specific indications and target groups. The Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (HPV Vaccine) is used to prevent cervical, vulva, vaginal and rectal lesions and cancers caused by persistent HPV infection. People over the age of nine can already be vaccinated against human papillomavirus. Those who are eligible to be vaccinated should be vaccinated on time and according to the schedule.

The following people are not suitable for the HPV vaccine:

  • Allergic reactions to vaccines (such as hives, stridor symptoms, etc.)
  • A severely deficient immune system
  • a pregnant woman
  • Serious reactions to previous vaccinations

Vaccines can only be administered after being assessed by a registered doctor. The medical staff will ask for the medical history of the person who has been vaccinated and whether they have ever had an allergic reaction to the vaccine; and evaluates his physical condition to decide whether to give the vaccine, or continue with the vaccination.

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