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“I haven’t slept in 40 years,” the mystery of a Chinese woman solved

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A woman in China claims that she has lived without sleep for 40 years, the British popular newspaper The Sun and Mirror reported on the 6th (local time) citing the local online media Bastille Post.

According to reports, Li Zhanying, a woman from Henan Province, China, claims that she has never slept with her eyes closed since she was 5 years old.

Liu Zhenqin, husband of Li Zhanying, also explained that after marriage, she found out that her wife did not sleep while doing housework at night.

His neighbors also tried playing cards all night to confirm Li Zhanying’s claims, but said they didn’t see Li Zhanying fall asleep before they fell asleep first.

Li Zhanying went to the hospital, but was never diagnosed.

Then, when they visited a sleep center in Beijing, the mystery was finally solved, newspapers reported.

Doctors concluded that Li Zhan-ying actually sleeps, but in a different way from normal people’s sleep.

Observations revealed that Li Zhan-ying continued to speak during a conversation with her husband, but her eye movements slowed and she fell asleep.

An EEG test also showed that Li Zhan-ying did not close her eyes for more than 10 minutes a day.

Experts described Li Zhanying’s unusual condition as a phenomenon similar to that of a sleepwalker moving his body even when he was asleep, newspapers reported.


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