“I saw you for 6 months” The actress shocked + angry at her ex-husband’s confession, finally Dae Oh-yeol (Video)

Actress Jang Ga-hyun shed tears of anger at the belated confession of her ex-husband Jo Seong-min.

In TV Chosun’s ‘We Got Divorce 2’, which was broadcast on the 20th, Ga-hyeon Jang and Jo Seong-min appeared as divorced couples. Jo Seong-min, who sat down with Jang Ga-hyeon, confessed, “Your messenger was always logged into my work computer. I saw everything and photos that could be misleading.”

Below is TV Chosun’s ‘We got divorced 2’

He continued, “So I asked Yeeun (daughter), ‘Does your mother meet anyone other than your father?’ You’ve been drinking alcohol that you haven’t been able to drink for a while, and those things… (I was suspicious)” he said.

When Jang Ga-hyun said, “Did you see me alone with a man? I didn’t have a real man,” Jo Seong-min confessed to spying on Kakao Talk, saying, “I heard such conversations in one space (KakaoTalk).”

Jang Ga-hyun said, “How many months have you seen my KakaoTalk? It’s a hit. You must have devoured yourself.”

When asked, “Then, have you been doing this for more than 6 months?” Jo Sung-min said, “It’s embarrassing, but I confessed that I did.”

Angry Jang Ga-hyeon said, “I thought I lived faithfully enough to go against my nature. I am not a person who lives with passion, but I have lived much more faithfully than I have. I came here to say sorry and thank you…” poured out

Then, he said, “It’s a departure after 20 years of marriage, but I looked into all the messengers and said that I did something bad with it…”

Ga-hyeon Jang also said, “I feel so unfair. How could I have done such a suspicious thing? Just think about it. My mother-in-law has been lying in bed for 15 years, and while I was working with two children (maybe cheating)” he cried.

After shedding tears for a long time, he said, “Don’t tell me. I just wanted to apologize and say thank you today.”

He said, “I think you confessed wrongly. It seems that you are all unclean for my 20 years of loyalty, friendship, and love. I feel so unfair, angry, and crazy.”

Jo Sung-min bowed his head, saying, “I’m sorry.”

015B Singer Jo Seong-min, a former guest vocalist, and Jang Ga-hyeon, the star of ‘The Married Couple Clinic – Love and War’, got married in 2000 after dating for two years. They had one son and one daughter. They divorced in 2020 after 20 years of marriage.

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