I was shocked! ‘Anan Anwa’ hits ‘Ek Season Five’ round 2 boxing10FIGHT10 (watch the clip)

Muay Thai 10 FIGHT 10 Season 3 had a hit that made the audience excited once again when “Anan Anwa” showed the most powerful punches, knocked out “Ake Season Five” in round 2 and collected points for the black team leaving the white team 8-2 points away

Boxing Fight 10 Fight 10 Season 3 on Wednesday, November 16 at Workpoint Studios is the fifth fight between the two singers.Anan Anwa“From the black team against”Ek Season Fivefrom the white team by pressing before the fight Anan Anwa Weighs 66 kilograms Ek Season Five Weighs 69.2 kg.

In the first round, the picture of the match was even, Anan Anwa used his dexterity to seduce him to find a rhythm to release his punches, while Ek remained off target. and has a real punch to hit the target to get points too

round two Ek Season Five Speed ​​up the machine to attack immediately until Anan can barely defend But in the middle of the round, Anan managed to release a punch to the bottom of the chin until Ek stepped.

After that, Ek looked exhausted, causing Anan to push forward and unleash 2 full left punches, overlapping until the referee had to count, but Ek still wasn’t recovering and pretending he couldn’t stand. causing the referee to decide to stop the fight Anan Anwa defeats Season Five by Knockout in round 2 This is the second resounding victory this season after the pair between Jos Weah and Namo Rebier

As a result cause the black team to collect 3 more points and discardaway from the white team at 8-2 points alreadyNext week, game 6, fight on November 23 Ball Krishna From the Black Team, Fist Fight Boo Boo Kamthon by the white team at Workpoint Studio, broadcast live on the channel Workplace 23 from 8:05 pm onwards

Summary of results and boxing program 10 FIGHT 10 Presented by GS BATTERY SS3

  • Game 1: October 12 | Polrit Criticism everytime Somjit Jongjoho
  • Game 2: October 19 | Lamplern Wongsakorn earn points Anan IRONBOY
  • Match 3: October 26 | Jose Weah Win by beating round 3 Rebier’s name
  • Match 4: Nov. 2| Dao Dragon 5 lose points A Chokchai boy
  • Game 5: November 16 | Anan Anwa Win by beating round 2 Ek Season Five
  • Game 6: November 23 | Ball Krishna VS Bubu Kamthorn
  • Game 7: Date 30 November | Senahoi VS Tok Supakorn
  • Game 8: December 7 | Poppy Ratchapong VS Great Saphon
  • Game 9: November 11 | Sabina Meisinger VS Yo Yoswadee
  • Game 10: December 14 | Beam Sarunyu VS Guy Ratchanon

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