Israel formalizes fourth vaccination… immunocompromised target

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. © Reuters=News1 © News1 Reporter Jeong Yun-young

Israel has approved a fourth vaccine for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) for immunocompromised individuals.

According to Reuters news agency on the 30th (local time), Israeli Prime Minister Naftali said, “Israel’s strategy to overcome the Omicron is clear. The bigger the wave, the greater the protection it needs to overcome.”

Nahman Ashe, director of the Israeli Ministry of Health, said the fourth dose is limited to immunocompromised people, such as cancer patients and organ transplant patients. said.

He added, “If there are concerns that serious diseases will occur even in the elderly population, we will make a decision (expansion of the 4th vaccination target).

With this, Israel will conduct the world’s first 3rd booster shot in July, and the first 4th dose in just 5 months.

However, the efficacy and risk of the fourth inoculation are still uncertain. To study the efficacy of the fourth dose, the local Sheba Medical Center started giving the fourth dose of Pfizer vaccine to 150 medical staff from the 27th. The clinical trial results are expected to be announced within two weeks.

On the other hand, Israel prioritized the vulnerable population at the time of the third vaccination, and then gradually expanded the target population, such as the elderly population in their 60s or older → 50 or older and medical staff → 40 or older → 30 or older → 12 years old or older.

Accordingly, it is predicted that the fourth dose of vaccination in Israel will be gradually expanded to all age groups over the age of 12.

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