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Report by Correspondent Meng Yumin/Taipei

After the Ukrainian actress Lin Jiana and Zu Xiong were upgraded from best friends to lovers, they often flashed on social platforms, which can be said to be a high-profile love. However, recently, Jiana was reported by friends when she and Zu Xiong became best friends, they had not yet broken up Ex-boyfriend and he still has money together. In this regard, Jiana also responded to “ETtoday Starlight Cloud” through her agent.

▲ Jana and Zu Xiong are in love, but they have been exposed recently. (Photo / Retrieved from Instagram / _tatiana_lin)

In response to the revelations, Jiana responded: “These things about money are exaggerated, and they are not true. After breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, there is no longer a financial relationship, and it’s even more impossible to ask him to do that. pay my parents.” She also emphasized once again that she had broken up peacefully with her ex-boyfriend, and that she did not keep in touch with each other but maintained a friendly relationship. “He said that the person who broke the news was not his friend, and a real good friend would not falsify facts under the guise of breaking news.”

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▲ Zu Xiong and Jiana are in a stable relationship.  (Photo / Retrieved from Zuxiong IG)

▲ Jiana is now in a stable relationship with Zu Xiong, saying that she and her ex-boyfriend broke up peacefully. (Photo / Retrieved from Zuxiong IG)

In the end, Jiana also expressed that she would reserve the right to legal prosecution for any further false disclosures in the future. He said angrily, “If anyone could reveal the revelations anonymously, claiming to be XXX’s friend, then they could say some false things without using Responsible? This is so unfair.” Afterwards, he also issued the same 3-point statement on IG, stressing that there would be no further response.

▲ Jana posted an IG message.  (Photo / Retrieved from Jiana IG)

▲ Jana posted an IG message. (Photo / Retrieved from Jiana IG)

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