“I’ve never been there before…” ‘Surprised’ by the huge amount of trash left by humans on Mars


Humans are estimated to leave 7 tons of rubbish on Mars.

Kagri Kalik, researcher on Rover Mars at the University of West Virginia in the United States, wrote an article about this analysis via House Tough Works on the 22nd (local time).

“In August this year, NASA discovered pieces of litter produced during the landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance,” Kalik said.

He explained that humans spent more than 50 years exploring the face of Mars, sending a total of 18 objects, including spacecraft, to Mars. In the process, different types of trash were produced.

According to Kalik, there are three main types of junk on Mars. Hardware, including discarded debris, and spacecraft that landed during landing, now decommissioned spacecraft.


In fact, a number of pieces are produced in the spacecraft because of the effect it has when entering and landing in the Mars atmosphere. These pieces are blown away by the hot winds Mars away from the landing site.

Kalik said these pieces can be regarded as historic relics rather than just junk.

“If you add the weight of all the space ships sent to Mars so far, you get about 22,000 pounds (9,979 kg). Remove the weight of the spacecraft operating on the Face, and you leave about 15,694 lbs (7,119 kg).) Of debris, “he said.

Meanwhile, NASA documents all the debris found on the surface of Mars. Scientists explore the possibility of these pieces to cause problems, such as contaminating the samples collected.

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