Jang Young ran “My husband, I can’t sleep because I’m afraid of an affair”… Gura Kim, “That’s sympathy”

Screenshot from SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream 2 – You are My Destiny’

Broadcaster Jang, who is run by Young, expressed her gratitude to her husband, whom she loved, who risked his life for her.

In SBS ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny’, which aired on the 19th, Jang Young-red appeared as a guest and recalled the days of dating with her husband.

Jang Young-red said, “I like seafood very much. Even when we were dating, I went to the fish market every day to eat sashimi.” “I especially like shellfish. It my husband also eats it well. But later I found out that my husband is allergic to shellfish. We ate it together while we were eating it. For some reason, when I eat seafood, my eyes are turning red.”

Then he added, “It’s the same now. Rather, it got better as time went by. I die pretty. I bite and suck.”

In addition, Jang Young-red remembered her first meeting with her husband, Han Chang, an oriental doctor, and said, “The writers in ‘Truth Game’ became a link. “It is a connection. If you want to get married like me, show the writers well.”

Kim Sook said, “My husband is famous for ‘Waiting for Jang Young-red.’

Then, Seo Jang-hoon and Kim Gu-ra said, “Isn’t that right? Don’t talk too much and be honest, isn’t it 14 years of marriage?”

In addition, Kim Gura correctly pointed out, “If that’s true, then your husband has a pity,” and then Jang Young-red admitted, “Actually, I exaggerated a little.” he provoked laughter

Meanwhile, Jang Young-red has one son and one daughter with her husband, Han Chang, an oriental doctor. He was very saddened by the news of the miscarriage of his third child.


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