Jazz imitating Ple Irin It’s not easy How can you do it?

Jazz imitating Ple Irin It’s not easy How can you do it?

Makes me laugh every time I dress up. Celebrities in a trend became viral talk many for Jazz Chuan Chuen Until there was a call for more people to cover Which also referred to pressure and stress but for the happiness of the viewers I agree with the director’s wishes.

latest jacket who participated in the film worship Leaping Tiger 1 At Wat Bang Phra (Luang Por Pern), Nakhon Pathom Province, he opened his mind about the cover of famous people. The trend is so good that many people claim The person revealed that he just covered it. the most embarrassing thing in life is imitation Irina’s plea Singing Money

People who claim cover Pinky eats onions? “It’s up to P’Toy, the director. I didn’t understand why he was so attracted to me. Ae sent me all the examples on Instagram, so let’s look a little more original.”

Many people called for imitating that person.? “a lot I know nothing about anything at all. We also don’t understand why it has to be us, to be honest, it’s stressful. Some people can But when some people can’t do it, it’s a pressure. Because when we do it, we want to make it look like Sometimes I’m bent, it’s a P’Toy. I’m not good at it, but I play for it. It’s hardly my own. Everyone is except yourself.”

But you won’t stop doing that, right?? “It’s up to the director, we just do what he says. Ask if anything strange will be done differently. But the heaviest thing when getting dressed and looking in the mirror and feeling is when I was Ple Irin, looking in the mirror and feeling, Hey! Do I have to do anything to that extent? That was the heaviest. Imitating Pee Ple the hardest since he was a joke. I have never felt anything, I have never been ashamed, I have this. Why do I have to do such a thing?”

Is it embarrassing to wear a suit?? “Our clothes are funny, we can wear them all. But I don’t know why he thinks so. After picking up the dress Why is it a goose? Why is something like this? But when it came out, the flow was good. Thanks to everyone. But really, imitation is uncomfortable. not as a joke It’s easier to joke. We are going to be other people, but actually people who like to imitate, but some people are not good at it. Some people are good at it, it’s hard to play.”

Impersonating which Do you have the original phone number?? “There was a time when Chuvit and Santana called directly. Asked how they play together, it’s funny, nothing, he likes it, how does he see the shared photos?

Cover girl Nong Taeng Thai is also a Brother Jazz.? “We didn’t push anything. Whatever he likes, go his way. When a child does something he likes, he will have fun We don’t force anything The child is like me when I was a child He doesn’t have the courage at all, but he has the stuff. He’s probably 90 percent like me. We know how we were when we were young. We look at our children and feel that way. Seeing the child is like seeing himself, very similar. He is not a very talkative child. He doesn’t talk much, but he has something about you.”

If you are going to follow the entertainment line? “Deep down in my heart, I want it to be like that. Because I want it to be successful so we might not get much. but as much as us He was able to support his family. You can feed yourself. (When there is a glow, can we pave the way for it??) up to him Suppose suddenly He came to say that he wanted to make a YouTube channel. We support here. Do it, we won’t mess with it at all.When filming clips, leave him with his film crew.”

Do you secretly worry about your child? Social media has positive and negative currents.? “It already exists. but if assuming it actually happens Now maybe it’s there but maybe we won’t see it. People talk about children, things here and there. If they asked, I would probably say don’t pay attention. Anyone who comments on something that doesn’t feel right should delete it, argue with it, it’s useless. Because we can’t argue with each other. I didn’t find myself useless.”

How many boundaries have you given your sister?? “Mum will take care of everything. I’m a person who doesn’t know much about Thai melons. There will be times if he feels he has to be me, he will tell me, but most of the time, his mom will handle everything. (She’s still very young. If you really see the current Do you think you can handle it??) We have to wait and help him. we are a family Whatever happened, it had to be discussed at home anyway.”

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