Jisoo from Tahiti, pregnant after 2 years of marriage “Morning sickness + loss of stamina… Respect to all mothers”

[뉴스컬처 최혜란 기자] Jisoo from Tahiti broke the news about her pregnancy.

On the 1st, Jisoo revealed the ultrasound picture of the fetus, the heartbeat, and the picture of the pregnancy test machine.

Photo = Jisoo from Tahiti

Along with this, Jisoo said, “Daily life was more difficult than I thought during the early stages of pregnancy due to morning sickness and poor physical strength,” and said, “I respect every mother in the world.”

Next, Taemyeong said ‘Pposungi’ and said, “Taemong was a soft peach. Lansun aunts and uncles, watch Pusungi’s stormy growth.”

Jisoo first appeared in the music industry in 2012 as a member of Tahiti. After leaving the group in 2017, he is active as a Pilates instructor.

In 2021, she married a non-famous man.

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