jk rowling receives death threat

Author JK Rowling also received death threats shortly after she posted about Salman Rushdie’s killer. ‘Don’t be afraid, you are next’ was the comment below JK Rowling’s post. (Jk Rowling receives death threat)

JK Rowling is the author of the famous Harry Potter novel series. Those who have read the Harry Potter stories cannot believe that it is just a story. We like to believe that Hogwarts, where magic is taught, the wand, broom, Hogwarts uniform, Diagon Alley, where books and other magical items are sold, the Hogwarts Express, and the wizarding government to be found in some corner of the world. That’s why when you see a narrow, inconspicuous door on the road, you wonder if this is your entrance to the wizarding world. Every July 31st, a letter is expected from Hogwarts.

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Hence, there is a public death threat by the Twitter handle Mir Asif Aziz against the author who has billions of fans worldwide. The author then lodged a complaint with the police. At this time, the police have started an investigation.

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