[June 4th Peace Rally Case]​​He Guilan: June 4th in 2020 is the continuation of the movement in 2019 Hong Kong people no longer need political leaders | Position report

In the June 4th peaceful assembly case last year, Li Zhiying, Zou Xingtong and He Guilan denied the crime of inciting others to participate in an unauthorized assembly. He Guilan continued to defend himself in the District Court today (9th). She pointed out that many people think that what happened on June 4th in 2020 is only a continuation of the past 30 years, but she believes that “the events that took place on June 4th in 2020 are a continuation of 2019”, referring to the fact that Hong Kong people no longer need leaders and organizations to practice Political action. In addition, the prosecution quoted He’s FB post, saying that she described the night as “No big platform”, which was once translated as “No big platform”. He opposes its translation and refers to the translation as “decentralized”. He does not refer to the actual stage, but whether a movement is directed. The case closed this Thursday (11th).

On June 4, 2020, He Guilan (the second from right holding a candle), Luo Guancong, Yuan Jiawei and others hold candles in Victoria Park. Photo by Kenji Wong

He Guilan argued this morning that she never mourned the 4 June incident, nor did she agree that the spirit of the 1989 pro-democracy movement needs to be inherited by action. She does not think that the June 4th rally is to demonstrate that Hong Kong people have freedom of speech, “Hong Kong people suppose to have freedom.” (see also report)

He Guilan denied approaching the group of Li Zhuoren and others

The prosecution pointed out that He Guilan, Cen Aohui, and others were holding a cup distributed by the stake to hold candles, and asked whether the cup was equivalent to holding a rally by the stake. He Guilan disagrees, saying that holding the candle with her bare hands will “drop around the wax and tie it, so it’s hard to shovel.” She pointed out that in a certain year someone “invented” the use of paper cups to hold candles, and the public did not have to “shovel wax” after the party, but the “inventor” was not a member of the stake.

News footage shows that He Guilan, Cen Aohui and others gathered together. He Guilan agreed that everyone was holding candles at the time, and she took out the flowers from the bag when she arrived at Victoria Park. The prosecution asked whether holding a white flower was a symbol of mourning. He Guilan disagreed, “Zhang Kunyang definitely doesn’t mourn me too much.” , She reiterated at the court’s request: “Because I understand that the June 4th craze and candles are coming out, there is only one place in the world that needs to be locked, and that’s mainland China. I want to see how Hong Kong differs from the mainland. The prosecution said that in Victoria Park that day, the group of He Guilan and others was close to the group of Li Zhuoren and others; He denied that no one in his group decided to approach Li’s group. , Don’t want to sit close to the entrance barrier, try to go forward as far as possible.”

The prosecution pointed out that the two groups were close by coincidence. He Guilan disagreed.

He: “冇大台” should be translated as “decentralized”

He Guilan pointed out that according to her knowledge, the unauthorized party had not happened, and her FB post was an on-site observation. She once said in a post: “In thirty years, the first June 4th party “without a big platform”.” The prosecution once used “No big platform” to describe “No big platform”, and He Guilan pointed out that its English translation should be “decentralized”. The prosecution pointed out that the Stake and Li Zhuoren often used “No big platform” when interviewed. He answered that “I don’t know how to use English”.

The prosecution later used “Vigil” to describe the June 4th party, and He Guilan also objected, “You must not use vigil for the party, TVB Taiwan celebration party will not be translated into vigil hang!” She explained that the above sentence meant that there was a group of people on the surface. In the Victoria Park, “Looking down may be similar to the past few decades, but in fact, what happened is completely different. Therefore, I will focus on this sentence according to my family. There is no party in the big stage.” The prosecution again Refers to whether Li Zhuoren ever said “no big station” and no equipment; He Guilan said that he was not sure whether he had mentioned equipment before, but emphasized that the two people had different understanding of “big station”.

Judge Hu Yawen questioned that the two translations seemed to have the same meaning; He Guilan became excited when he heard the words, “I don’t know your judge is familiar with the use of Chinese punctuation. If a word is used in quotation marks, the word should not be on the face, so understand. , Otherwise you don’t need to use open quotation marks.” He Guilan continued to explain why he opposed the prosecution’s use of “Big platform” translated as “大台”. , Yijia’s whole world has studied Hong Kong’s sports. Most scholars talk about “decentralized” because a station is not a physical station. There is no command or organization for a movement, and there is a relationship between participants and participants. There is no hierarchy, so he needs to use quotation marks.”

On June 4, 2020, He Guilan at the Victoria Park. Photo by Kenji Wong

He: mourning is resistance but resistance is not necessarily mourning

He Guilan wrote “Mourning is resistance” on FB. She explained in court that mourning is resistance, but resistance is not necessarily mourning. “I resist Deng Bingqiang, don’t I have to mourn tightly?” As for “Candlelight still fills the stadium”, she explained It is an objective statement, “This sentence only talks about the candlelight on the stadium, at least I light candles and don’t participate in the rally.” When asked about the meaning of “Hong Kong people will not allow our will to be suppressed”, He Guilan explained that many people I think that what happened on June 4th in 2020 is only a continuation of the past 30 years. “But at least I personally think that what happened on June 4th in 2020 is a continuation of 2019. To be more specific, in 2019, there will be an event in Hong Kong. An agency explosion. Hong Kong people no longer need any leaders and organizations, and they can practice political action first. Therefore, even if the stakes will not organize rallies again in 2020, Hong Kong people who are very active are not. Any pre-organization is needed. On the night of June 4th, they can each practice what they think they should do. I have never mourned June 4th, but I think the spirit of 1989 will continue.”

What does it mean that anyone can enter Victoria Park? “Is Victoria Park a stake?”

Under repeated questioning by the defense, she pointed out that anyone could enter Victoria Park, and asked, “Is Victoria Park a stake?” She also pointed out that there were all kinds of people on the scene after 2019, “If you don’t agree The stake is about to leave Victoria Park, so there should be no people left in Victoria Park.” She clarified that the meaning of “resistance” was to resist the “Notice of Objection”, a purpose not stated by the police, “I am The purpose of the resistance is to deter people from entering the Victoria Park.” All witnesses completed their testimony, and the case was held until Thursday (11th) for the conclusion of the case.

Case No.: DCCC857-875, 877-884, 886-889, 891, 893/2020 (Consolidated)

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