Jung Ho-young, real guest experiences confession “I show you things that are ruined” (OK)

Jung Ho-young, real guest experiences confession “I show you things that are ruined” (OK)

2022-09-19 16:55:07


[뉴스엔 김명미 기자]

OK? OK!’

listen to the concerns of small business owners.

On 20 September, the KBS 2TV program ‘Okay? OK!’ visits Yeonnam-dong, a representative place of the MZ generation. Chef Jung Ho-young and trot singer Geum Jan-di appear as special OK healers.

In a recent recording, the OK healers walked down the charmed streets of Yeonnam-dong, and approached the first candidate. Yang Se-hyeong got curious when it was lucky that the first candidate for trouble had a relationship with Jung Ho-young.

Jeong Ho-young, who soon met the candidate for concern, showed a sign of welcome. Two people who met as judges and contestants in a cooking competition program in the past are reunited again.

However, the pleasure was short-lived, and he cautiously admitted his concerns, saying, “I decided to close the business because I was afraid of staring at the customers.” In addition to the increased interest and expectations after appearing on the show, he admitted that he was disturbed by the terror of a star and malicious comments, adding to the feeling of wanting to cook in secret, causing distress.

Jung Ho-young also surprised me when he shared what he experienced at the time, saying, “There was a time when a customer nudged me on the shoulder and said, ‘I’ll show you what I’m doing.’ .”

Dr. described Eun-Young Oh the candidate as a ‘perfectionist’ and presented a solution for relaxing the mind that a perfectionist can take. You can check the content of the perfector-adjusted solution through the broadcast. (Photo = KBS 2TV)

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