JW Pharmaceutical is participating in the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2023

[의학신문·일간보사=김영주 기자]JW Pharmaceutical announced on the 22nd that it will receive an official invitation and participate in the ‘JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2023’ to be held in San Francisco, USA for four days from the 9th of next month (local time) .

A view of JW Pharmaceutical headquarters

At this conference, JW Pharmaceutical plans to discuss technology partnership projects such as licensing innovative new drug candidates developed by itself through individual meetings with foreign pharmaceutical companies and global investors.

First, they enter into a technical partnership for ‘JW2286’, a STAT3-targeted anti-cancer drug. JW2286 is a first-in-class candidate with a novel mechanism that selectively inhibits STAT3. It is being developed as an oral drug, and is indicated for solid cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer. JW2286, which was selected as a national new drug development project last August, is currently undergoing GLP toxicity evaluation to enter the clinical phase.

JW Pharmaceutical plans to explain the latest research results and future development strategies for hair loss treatment ‘JW0061’, which promotes hair follicle proliferation and hair regeneration by activating the Wnt signaling pathway, through individual meetings. JW Pharmaceutical revealed the mechanism of action and preclinical efficacy evaluation results of JW0061 for the first time at the ‘Wnt 2022’ conference held in Japan last month.

In addition, the technology export of ‘Efaminurad (code name: URC102)’, a new gout drug candidate, will be promoted for global markets excluding China.

Epamineurad is a promoter of uric acid excretion with a mechanism that inhibits URAT1 (uric acid transporter-1), and is an effective new drug candidate for hyperuricemia-induced gout. Safety and efficacy were proven in the domestic phase 2b clinical trial, which ended in March last year, and an international phase 3 clinical trial is currently underway after the completion of the clinical trial to expand the target to patients with renal impairment.

Ho Pil-soo, head of JW Pharmaceutical’s business development department (senior managing director), said, “We will discuss detailed technical partnership projects with foreign companies for innovative new drug candidates.” We expect a lot of interest in our development capabilities.”


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