Kang Min-kyung’s father and older brother sued for real estate fraud … Affiliation ‘confirmed’: Seoul Economic Daily

Kang Min-kyung / Photo = Reporter Kim Gyu-bin

It has been reported that the father and older brother of the Davichi group Kang Min-kyung have been charged with real estate fraud.

On the 6th, SBS Entertainment News reported that 19 investors, including an investor named Park Mo, said on the 2nd, “Kang Min-kyung’s father and brother run a real estate development company together, and in September 2017, there is no clear development of a plan in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. It was said that they received a complaint containing the content that they signed a contract of 1.2 billion won by cheating that they would develop it, but they did not keep

In the complaint, the plaintiffs signed a contract to invest 400,000 won per pyeong in the forest, known to be owned by Kang Min-kyung’s older brother, through Mr. Han, the director of an auction academy in Busan. They demanded that Mr. Han believed and invested in the explanation in the business briefing “that Kang Min-kyung’s father could not make a mistake.”

However, the land was not developed even after about 6 years after the contract was signed, and in the process, when Mr. Han was arrested for fraud, investors complained to Kang Min-kyung’s father to carry out’ the contract. In addition, investors claimed that Kang Min-kyung’s father made a verbal promise to make up in 2021, but he did not deliver.

Kang Min-kyung’s father has filed a countersuit against the five accusers for defamation.

Kang Min-kyung’s agency, Wake One, told Seoul Economy Star that day that they were “confirming” the suspicion.

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