Kim Byung-hyun said, “23.7 billion is gone”… John Lee: “Shut up the hamburger.”

Former baseball player Kim Byung-hyun (left) and John Lee, CEO of Meritz Asset Management. (Photo = KBS2 broadcast screen capture)

[이데일리 권혜미 기자] Kim Byung-hyeon (43), a former baseball player from the major leagues, heard a bitter cry from John Lee, CEO of Meritz Asset Management, saying, “Close the hamburger restaurant.”

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’, which was broadcast on the 9th, Kim Byeong-hyun visited John Lee and confessed his concerns, saying, “I’ve been running a hamburger restaurant for two years, but my expenses are much higher than my profits.” Since last year, Kim Byeong-hyun has been operating a homemade hamburger restaurant named after his alma mater in Dong-gu, Gwangju.

While explaining the situation inside the store to John Lee, he said, “If the amount in the store account is insufficient, I fill it up with a personal account.

In particular, when John Lee said that Kim Byung-hyun runs a hamburger shop in his building and the rent is not going up, he said, “I can give you a monthly rent, but I have lost the opportunity cost.” “It is better to close the store. Why did you only think about physical work? “I wish I had the money to work,” he said.

He continued, “It is better to buy stock in a large corporation’s burger shop. “It’s the first time someone doesn’t know their business this much.”

At the same time, John Lee said that athletes lack a bit of economics, saying, “50% of high-paid players in America go bankrupt. There is a misconception that there is a lack of education about money and that you will earn that money for the rest of your life. Most of them get scammed.”

(Photo = KBS2 broadcast screen capture)

Kim Byung-hyun, who sympathized with John Lee’s words, said in an interview with the production team, “The amount I was scammed by an acquaintance was 1 billion won. “It could be more,” he confessed, saying, “I don’t have 23.7 billion won[as an annual salary].” Former basketball player Heo Jae and former professional baseball player Choi Jun-seok also nodded.

Kim Byung-hyun asked, “How much could you have made if you had invested your salary?” John Lee said, “It’s in trillions. It would have been at least several hundred billion won. It is still not too late,” he advised.

In addition, Kim Byung-hyun asked a question about preparing for retirement, saying, “I’ve been in the major leagues for about 10 years, and my pension is coming out.” He said, “You can start freely between the ages of 45 and 62. It comes out at about 100 million won a year until death. It has been accumulated for 10 years,” he explained.

John Lee pointed out Kim Byung-hyun, who does not know the exact amount of his pension, and said, “I am not sure about the money. The most important thing is to identify assets and prepare for retirement.”

He continued, “I’m not the only one doing this, but I also have to think about the old age of the employees from the perspective of the employees. The hamburger restaurant should be closed. It’s better to buy stock in a big burger shop. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who doesn’t know their business this much. I’ll see if I should really close it or not,” he warned.



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