“Kong-Somkiat” wins the podium in the home race! After hosting the Top Four, the first day of practice

“Kong” Somkiat Chantra, Thai main hero number 35 of the “Honda Race to the Dream” project, wins the podium at the home race course after finishing the first day by squeezing the time to capture the top four. In the Moto Two Battle of the World Championship, field 17, OR Grand Prix of Thailand, before going to warm up in front of Thai fans this Sunday at Chang International Circuit, Buriram Province

Motorcycle battle on the flat road, Moto GP World Championship 2022, field 17 “OR Grand Prix of Thailand” officially entered the training program on Friday, September 30. Under the unpredictable weather that will come out to any address

The first practice this morning in the rain stopped causing the track to dry out. The best Thai rider, “Kong” Somkiat Chantra, owner of number 35 of Idemitsu Honda Team Asia, started the training in a hot way. Before taking second place in the first period with a lap time of 1 minute 36.838 seconds, only 0.032 seconds behind the leader as Augusto Fernandez, the Spanish rider.

while the second rehearsal took place in the afternoon of the same day. Some parts of the field still have accumulated moisture from the rain that fell again at midday, resulting in Somkiat crashing in the “Out lap” round and having to bring the car back to the pool for the team to help fix it. before going out to continue in the last 20 minutes

At the end of the first day of training, “Kong” Somkiat appears to be in 4th place with a lap time of 1 minute 36.597 seconds, just 0.317 seconds behind British rider Jake Dixon, winning the podium in the race at home.

The OR Thailand Grand Prix in the Moto Two version will compete in the qualifying round to determine the starting score on Saturday, October 1, before the final speed duel on Sunday 2. This October at 13:20 live on SPOTV and PPTVHD36

Thai speed fans can follow the news about “Kong” Somkiat Chantra and send encouragement to support the best Thai riders in the MotoGP MotoGP battle throughout the 2022 season and follow the movements of the Honda riders on Facebook. Race to the Dream Facebook fan page : www.facebook.com/HondaRacingTeamTH

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