Kookmin University Faculty Association “Ministry of Education Directly Instruct Kookmin University to verify Kim Kun-hee’s thesis”

Kookmin University professor, one-person protest ‘Calling for re-examination of Kim Gun-hee’s thesis’ [사진 제공: 연합뉴스]

The Kookmin University Faculty Association has urged the Ministry of Education to direct the school to investigate the allegations of plagiarism of Kim Kun-hee, the wife of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

In an official letter sent to the Minister of Education today, the Faculty Association said, “According to Kookmin University’s regulations, the statute of limitations for verification has passed and the investigation cannot be conducted, but the Ministry of Education is only requesting an investigation plan.” .

He said, “What is the Ministry of Education afraid of?” “If the university headquarters do not comply with the order of the Ministry of Education, the professors’ association will come forward and demand verification.

Previously, the faculty council voted for opinions on Kim’s thesis re-examination until the 13th, and as a result, more than half of them responded ‘proactively’, but they were rejected because they did not get more than two-thirds of the votes according to the rules.

The Faculty Association also sent an official letter to the president of Kookmin University today, saying, “The fact that more than half of the members agreed to express their opinions on the re-investigation means that the majority are taking this matter seriously. Please do it,” he asked.

At the same time, I asked for measures to be made transparent to the thesis guidance process and explanations of the Graduate School of Techno Design, where Mr. Kim received his Ph.D.


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