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“Hello, my name is Bung. We’re drawing an OC (Original Character) comic called Pointillism for Webtoon. We like little moments. that happened during the week He looks special in his normality, so I want to snap that moment. By now there are 2 characters, Dan and Kraam, but I’m about to add my friends. Please follow me. A 280-character introductory message will appear on your Twitter feed along with the hashtag. #painter make a friend which brought us Including many Twitter users getting to know Dan and Kraam briefly before the warm mass of the photo led us to look further with curiosity. What kind of moments and stories are captured on Webtoon?
Pointillism department Sleepyhead

As well as the moment that beautifully conveys the rhythm of Dan and Kram’s love We also know that the owner of the pen name is Bung-Raksit Jitburanachat An architect who combines his nickname with his family name and defines himself as a Part Time Thai Artist of someone who paints as a hobby and feels far from the word cartoonist artist He currently has over 70,000 followers on Instagram. And today we have come to talk.
Bung-Raksit Jitburanachat

“In the beginning, we still do it as a hobby. But now it can be called as another project. because we started to have a fan base Starting to have a platform that is open for people to come and support us. When it’s that serious We didn’t want to think it was just a hobby. Because the people he follows or pays us He hoped that hobbies were not enough. When we work out, we want it to feel like what we’re doing is serious and thoughtful. If I go back and look at the work when I had just created the character, the lines will get a bit messy. Because we are not very serious, but recently we have tried to clear the lines to be cleaner. Try to zoom in and see that there are no blind spots,” Bung says of his digital artwork.

Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love.

Probably like many other artists. Dang started his path as an illustrator from his childhood cartoon addiction. and started experimenting with drawing Which until I came to a more clear line and style like In the beginning, he started experimenting with publishing his work on the page. (Not telling anyone) with fan art drawings to relieve stress from work. before the series Heartstopper (2022) on Netflix, based on a graphic novel Alice Oseman British writer and artist He will come to fuel original characters such as Dan and Kraam

Heart StopperHeart Stopper

“Dan and Kram started from the day we watched Heartstopper. This is a real heart series, let’s go number 1 number one (emphasis on sound). We watched it 67 times. Let’s say this word that we never feel represented in those media. We are LGBTQ+ and we used to consume media, movies, series, be it Thai or international. No matter how many movies we have, we never feel represented in it, even in LGBTQ+ movies.

“For Heart Stopper, the author thinks quite well. Each of the 8 chapters has a concept that quite presents a picture of queer romance of meet love kiss, love steps and things like that… I don’t understand why we like this story so much. But maybe because one We see that LGBTQ+ love is simply beautiful. It doesn’t have to be a lot of drama, arguments, violent temper, or intense sex. Maybe it’s that simple. and the history of the launch did well. It made me feel that it was very easy for us to come out and say that we are like this. And parents who understand do exist. It doesn’t necessarily show the pain of rejection, it does, but there’s a lot of content like that. I want to see that LGBTQ+ children have happy love. We rarely see the happiness of this group in the media,” Buong explained his roots and inspiration with his voice and eyes twinkling.

Consistency is Key

From Instagram, which is the main publication channel, now has more channels to follow, including Twitter, Patreon, Webtoon, Thai and English versions. Including collectable products such as stickers, posters that are produced for sale. real as you can see Nowadays, online platforms are like the main channel through which young artists spread their works and become known. But at the same time for the group Accessibility has both good and bad sides.

“In the past, we were not brave enough to post and write with great hesitation. until we met an elder who is also an artist He said he does it without any hesitation. Then we will know for ourselves how good or bad we are. When we see more likes We’re a bit more confident, to be honest, it’s capitalism too. But it has its positives and negatives. In Instagram, you can see that many artists have closed their likes. But before we didn’t quite understand why. But now we are starting to understand that We are probably judged on our work every time whether this picture has a lot of likes or a few likes. We used to have pictures in IG that received more than three hundred thousand likes. I was shocked then. There are about twenty thousand followers, but three hundred thousand likes. Well, both are happy, but also more pressure on what will happen next. which is what I thought After that, it didn’t get to that stage. So I realized, well, that was the timing. Algorithm or whatever. That at least knows we shouldn’t judge by the number of likes alone.

“To be honest, there are many comments and messages, both good, some bad, many. Send pictures to curse. The more photos that are liked, the more you can see the comments, 50 percent are extended, which we are not addicted to now. In the past, we might curse some back. After being lazy, there are many good comments. He comes to tell about his life, good stories and tell about his life in a foreign country, a country who is homophobic (hate boyfriends) very much, he can’t reveal to anyone Seeing our work, he feels full. This is the part that makes us feel like we want to keep doing this job.”

PointillismWe are the pigments

The story of every moment of every pigment is dotted next to it Each person has their own color that represents their identity, love, affection in things. We don’t have to like the same things to love each other. But we love each other’s differences…

The above is the description provided next to the Webtoon episode of the name Pointillism We are the pigments. The main character of the story is land A bear boy wearing a red hat and indigo A pair of splendid men, students from the Faculty of Architecture, who come together in a simple daily life. While along the way, there were some fascinating stories that happened some time.

“Pointillism is a matter of seconds. The name Pointilism comes from one of the movements of the earlier art period, Neo Impressionism. It is an art form of creation. The artwork that comes out will be in terms of capturing striking moments, for example, the famous picture will be a picture of a person standing next to the named river Sunday afternoon on La Grande Jatte Island oh Georges Serrat (Georges Seurat) The technique he uses is pigment spotting. Usually, a work of art is a combination of colors and shades. But the technique of this image is to dot each pigment and let our eyes mix the colors themselves. Let’s say we want an orange. We will dot yellow and red next to each other. Looking, we can see far away. it will become orange This is similar to what we have interpreted. Each person is a pigment that we don’t need to change ourselves to be with each other. But at each point where the pigment comes together, it will cause new colors to be created. happen in that area as our society We don’t have to change ourselves in order to be the same color as everyone else. But together we can become a complete picture.”

Pointillism We are the pigments.Pointillism We are the pigments.
Pointillism Gamer episode

As for the characters of Dan and Kraam, Bung explains that “Dan and Kraam will be little boys and big boys that you don’t normally have. since we did What makes us feel that this is what we did right We correct the character like this. Is that a lot of people are texting saying, this is him, this is his partner. He had never felt that there was another couple like him. Because when we use art, if it’s LGBTQ+ style, the majority will be a bear-bear pair. Or that thin people – thin people are bigger together.

At this point, readers like us, we may begin to see different pigments. from the group’s eyes and brain more clearly “This pigment In our opinion, it is a character that will tell stories. Which now is not exactly the same as the cover We only had two characters, Is this just 1 percent? It is embarrassing to say that our title is Pointillism. We’re thinking of adding more characters over time. The goal I have in mind is to represent more people, so I think this is the content that will happen next.”

Bung continued to state his intention and emphasized once again that what he had done was only the beginning. we hope that one day the Pointillism that the artist painted will gradually be full of different but harmonious images together with a small story In a relationship that is waiting for readers to follow every week…and of course we are among the readers who are looking forward to every pigment of Pointilism every week too.

Fact File

Thanks for the shooting location. : The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 Tel.02-114-3536


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