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Krungthai joins to support King Mongkut’s Hospital Develop innovation to drive KMC Innovative Hospital

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Krung Thai Bank join the push King Mongkut’s Hospital to Innovative Hospital by supporting the budget and incorporating financial technology into the integrated hospital Ready to be a research and development center for medical innovations to support the COVID-19 crisis and is the center of public health of the country Aiming to improve the quality of life of Thai people to be better sustainably According to the vision, Krung Thai side with Thailand towards sustainability

Prof. Dr. Suchatwee Suwansawat, President of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) revealed that KMITL have a building plan King Mongkut’s General Hospital (KMCH) under the supervision of King Mongkut’s Hospital Foundation in the Patriarch A quality medical center that is ready to provide proactive service in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC) that is ready for research and development (R&D) medical innovations to support future health crises. to be a part of driving the public health system and improve the quality of life of Thai people through increasing access to modern innovative treatments Reduce the import of technology or medical innovations from abroad. as well as having the potential to develop innovations for commercial export. The institute expects that the construction of the hospital will be completed. and ready to serve the public sector by 2024, with the latest being supported by Digital Healthcare Platform from Krung Thai Bank Join to drive a comprehensive service within the hospital.

However, the key principles in research and development of medical innovations by KMITL researchers will focus on applying AI (AI), IoT (IoT) technologies, including supercomputers (Super Computers) with high potential of CM University. CMKL, a joint institute between Carnegie Mellon University, the world’s number one educational institution in computer engineering, etc., jointly develop innovations to fight COVID-19. as well as supporting telemedicine to increase the chances of quick access to medical care both emergency ventilator Closed system sterilizer AI-negative pressure system for detecting mutated covids, etc. Recently, KMITL researchers have developed a ‘High Flow Oxygen Dispenser’ that comes with a remote control system and symptom monitoring of covid patients. With IoT technology that has been specifically designed to have performance equivalent to foreign technology. With an import price that is 3-4 times cheaper, KMITL plans to produce 1,000 such machines and distribute them to more than 400 hospitals and health departments by August 2021.

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Mr. Phayong Srivanich, President Krung Thai Bank revealed that Krung Thai Bank as a state commercial bank that is committed to using technology to develop and improve the quality of life of the public’s customers especially in health and medical care Due to the new wave of Covid-19 epidemic situation with the number of new infected continuously increasing. while the number of hospital beds and treatment equipment is limited. The bank was aware of the problem. With the foresight that KMITL is one of the organizations that have invented and developed medical innovations. In order to help patients with Covid-19 all the time, it has supported the budget for the institute. to build King Mongkut’s Hospital To be a comprehensive research and development center for medical innovations for all Thai people The bank is ready to support the operations of KMITL. To meet the invention and development of comprehensive medical innovations, which is the New S-CURVE of the industry that drives the national economy. including new proactive medical care

Krung Thai Bank and KMITL They have been good partners for a long time. Joining in pushing King Mongkut’s Hospital to be KMC Innovative Hospital counts as a combination of strength Combine the strengths of the two departments To exchange technology and connect healthcare projects that Krung Thai has continued to do with the outstanding position of KMITL as a leading institute for research and innovation. Believe that it can drive innovation in the medical field. including exchanging information Analyze problems to meet the needs of doctors and nurses. in treating all patients and service recipients This is in line with the health and medical care programme, which is one of the Bank’s 5 main ecosystems. to take part in improving the lives of the people better taking into account the overall social development and creating sustainability for the society According to the vision “Krung Thai Alongside Thailand towards Sustainability”

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In addition, the bank also supports technology to integrate services within the hospital. with financial services Krungthai Digital Platform By placing the bank’s payment system in conjunction with the hospital’s money management system Aiming to become a Smart Hospital with the use of Self-Payment machines to check and use the right to receive medical treatment in the same machine which can receive medical payments through various electronic channels such as the bank, including QR Code Cross Bank and credit cards, debit cards, ready to connect to the Health Information System used by the hospital. To check rights and submit claims to various agencies, Health Wallet service on the application of wallet People can check and reserve health rights under health insurance. of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), such as influenza vaccinations, as well as the e-Donation system, a donation channel for the hospital foundation For convenience, donors can opt to receive an e-mail notification. and help officers manage information effectively Increase convenience and reduce the risk and hassle of managing cash for hospitals.

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