Kyung won side “I’m sorry for Kim Ki-hyun, but I can’t support Ahn Cheol-soo”|The Dong-A Ilbo

Regarding the fact that former Representative Na Gyeong-won made a statement of support for the party’s representative candidate Kim Ki-hyun, a response came from Congressman Na, saying, “Even if it was a sad fact (for Candidate Kim) , it is not possible to support Candidate Cheol-soo Ahn.”

Former Congressman Park Jong-hee, who helped former Congressman Na when he was struggling with whether to run for the National Convention, said on the 8th, on KBS Radio’s ‘Choi Kyung-young’s Strongest Current Affairs’, that the former Congressman has no. lunch with Candidate Kim the day before and holding hands. It should be seen as a statement of support.”

On this day, Candidate Kim held out both hands, and the former lawmaker Na interpreted the exposure of the scene holding only one hand with a stiff face as “it seems that the inner thoughts are revealed in the facial expression .”

At the same time, he added, “Representative Kim wanted me to support him more passionately, and as a legislator I would have had such a sense of sadness that I wanted Congressman Kim to play a role in the middle of the uncomfortable things that have happened .”

In response to the presenter’s question, “From the point of view of a former lawmaker, I think I could still be disappointed with President Seok-yeol Yoon,” former lawmaker Park said, “Instead of being disappointed with the president, the words that people around the president have been pouring so far, the statements of first-time legislators hurt about this part. I received a lot,” he replied.

He continued, “Because (I am a former legislator) the current chairman of the party, supporting someone is against Article 34 of the party’s constitution. I will do this and that for Candidate Kim in the future,” he added.

Regarding Candidate Ahn, “There is a slight difference between Congressman Ahn’s opinion of the public and the opinion of party members.” Those who joined the Democratic Party and then created the People’s Party and eventually have the merger talks with Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, joined the party, and watched the process of mixing and mingling, etc., a slightly different grain of trust in the Representative. . Ahn.”

In response, the moderator asked again, “I cannot trust Candidate Ahn, and I cannot support or stand in solidarity with him,” said former Congressman Park. reporter Song Chi-hun

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