Land of “crocodiles” Borneo It can be found even in the sewers in the community.

Social media buzz found crocodiles in a large number of Borneo islands in Sarawak state as crocodiles are protected species. Alligators can be found in every area. leading to the events of crocodiles cannibals in many community areas

Picture from World Forum page, international news
Facebook page World Forum international news Reveal pictures of the movement of crocodiles in different areas. Found in Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia, according to news reports, there are many crocodiles found in various places. including urban communities and sewers. The reason for this is because “crocodiles” in Malaysia are It is classified as a protected animal. Do not hunt unless it harms humans.

Picture from World Forum page, international news
which when it is protected So it’s getting more and more. As a result, there are humans by crocodiles attacking them often. For example, a 7-year-old child sits by the water in a community area with his family. Instead, being attacked by a crocodile dragged into the water and lost. causing crocodile hunting to occur

Picture from World Forum page, international news
According to the news, the crocodile was found trapped in a trap that lured him. But when it was cut to find the human remains in its stomach. Instead, no human parts were found. Therefore, it is not believed that the crocodile It would be difficult to find that crocodile. Because there are many crocodiles And it’s not a good idea to cut every crocodile’s stomach for human remains.

Picture from World Forum page, international news
And with the Borneo area like a large artery with the abundance of water resources The presence of crocodiles in the area thus affecting the fishing occupation of the people in the area a lot. Causing to often visualize the movement of crocodiles that appear in areas that are dangerous to humans often out of the area

Picture from World Forum page, international news
via the World Forum Facebook page, international news He posted the following message:

Malaysia πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ : 🐊 Crocodile, Sarawak, Borneo

🐊 : From 2 cases of man-eating crocodiles, the latest 2 cases and lead to crocodile hunting
* On May 19, a 56-year-old man was attacked by a crocodile. and dragged him into the current lost water.
*On May 21, a 7-year-old boy was dragged into the water by a crocodile and disappeared.
** Both cases are expected that both Alligator victims lead to the hunt and dissecting the crocodile’s stomach but no human parts were found.

🐊 From the above case, the officials concluded Crocodiles attack humans more often because is the mating season Crocodiles will appear more often to mate. a wider area

🐊 In Malaysia area Crocodiles are protected by CITES, especially Borneo, Sarawak. The number of crocodiles has increased as it did in the 1960s, not just in rural areas. and the crocodile reached the urban area of ​​the people Along the sewers, wetlands, and swamps, crocodiles have been found increasing in every area.

🐊 Sarawak is a fertile land, estuary, aorta. There are many rivers, mangrove forests, freshwater fish, abundant saltwater. There are many villagers doing fishing. including waterfront communities Affected by crocodiles

🐊 After the latest incident, authorities are working to control the number of crocodiles.
and inform about cites from the 1st account endangered Malaysia was stripped of
The second list is a species of wild animals and plants that are not yet endangered and are therefore still allowed to be traded. but must be controlled to prevent damage

#in the picture shows Alligator moving staff in areas that are at risk of danger to humans
and represents the terrain Abundance, Sarawak


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