‘Lee Hyori’s Dance Teacher’ singer Gil-gun has never done a part-time job at a tteokbokki restaurant to pay off the debt handed over by the CEO of his agency.

The reason singer Gil-gun, who was famous as ‘Lee Hyori’s dance teacher’, disappeared from the show was because of his agency’s absurd atrocities.

Singer Gil Gun appeared on MBN’s ‘Field Report Scoop World’, which was broadcast on the 27th.

In 2003, Gil-Gun began to make a name for himself in the music video for Hyori Lee’s song ‘Hey Girl’, in which he had a one-on-one dance battle with Lee Hyori. Even then, I was impressed with the ability and dignity that did not fall behind the top star Hyori Lee.

The following year, Gil-gun released a single album and expanded his range of activities from a dancer to a singer. However, due to a dispute with his agency, he could not continue his activities properly.

On this day, Gilgun said, “It was basic that I didn’t get paid after working, and I was forced to do nudes when nudes were in full swing. I said no, so they sold me to another company. It was scary. He didn’t even hesitate to say a word. When I called in the morning and said abusive language, I was so scared. The reason was cleanup. I didn’t get paid properly.”

Not only that, the representative of the agency at the time, without knowing it, set Gil-gun as a joint guarantor and handed over debts amounting to tens of thousands of won. Gil-gun said, “It was a forgery of private documents. Five or six years later, I found out, and interest was charged on the interest, so it turned out to be tens of thousands of won, so I flew to pay it back.” It is said that there were more victims than Gilgun.

Afterwards, Gil-geon gave up all the songs and dances he loved to pay off his debts. He also said that he worked part-time at a tteokbokki restaurant, removing sticky residue from a large air conditioner filter, and doing anything that made money, such as a street vendor. Fortunately, Gil-gun paid off all his debts last year.

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