Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung’s side Ex-boyfriend Park Min-young has no formal investment in wealth

Actors Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung have explained their doubts about investing in Vident and Bucket Studio. These companies are believed to be owned by Kang Mo, a wealthy man, the ex-boyfriend of actor Park Min-young, and doubts have been raised about the source of the company’s current acquisition of 23 billion won and the questionable flow of convertible bonds (CB). Everyone.

On the 29th, Lee Jung-jae and agency Jung Woo-sung Artist Company said, “The head office and the actors in the company only learned through the media that Kang Mo is the real owner of Vident or Bucket Studio, and so far there. There was no one, and there was no one-on-one meeting with Kang Mo, which is being discussed now.”

On the 28th, Dispatch reported on Park Min-young’s dating rumors and focused on her partner, Kang. The media reported that Kang’s business card was written as the chairman of Vident, Bucket Studio, Bithumb Live, and Inbiogen, and claimed that although his sister was the representative, Kang was actually the effective owner of these companies. Doubts also arose about the source of the 23 billion won in acquisition funds of these companies and the questionable flow of convertible bonds (CB).

Since then, there have been additional reports that Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung have invested heavily in Kang’s business, and the controversy has intensified. Referring to former CEO Kim Jae-wook, Artist Company said, “Actors under the agency hired Jae-wook Kim as a representative of Artist Company when he served as the CEO of Phantom Entertainment. Jae-wook Kim was the CEO of Artist Company from 2016 to 2018. etc.,” he said.

He continued, “In October 2017, our actors invested in a company called Vident on the recommendation of Kim Jae-wook, who was serving as a representative at the time, and they were introduced to a company that produces monitoring equipment that actors always do. encountered them at the filming site. “I was not aware of the fact that the company was involved in the blockchain business after that. By recovering the entire investment around 2018, I no longer have any relationship with the above company.”

He also revealed the reason for breaking up with former CEO Kim. Artist Company said, “Jaewook Kim took over Arkham Studio on July 27, 2018, without any discussion with the headquarters or its actors, and then sold 15% of the stake in Artist Company owned by Jaewook Kim to Web Arkham Studio, where he had management rights. Having done so, I unilaterally informed the headquarters and the actors involved. As a result, I left the Artists Company.”

He continued, “After that, Kim Jae-wook changed the name of Arkham Studio to Bucket Studio. There is no company,” he said.

He continued, “I am very sorry to monitor that the name of the artist company is often mentioned in the stock news of a company called Bucket Studio, and the artist company has absolutely nothing to do with Vident , Bucket Studio, Kim Jae-wook , or Kang Mo.” He drew a line again and again.

Actor Park Min-young / Photo = Hankyung DB

Actor Park Min-young / Photo = Hankyung DB

On the other hand, Park Min-young admitted that she and Kang were in a relationship and said, “They broke up.

In addition, regarding the fact that Park Min-young’s sister was registered as an outside director in one of the companies suspected to actually be owned by Kang, it was settled, saying, “She has announced her intention to resign.”

Kim Soo-young, reporter at Hankyung.com [email protected]

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