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“The sixth place in the Olympic 100-meter sprint final is usually not the focus, but this time is different. He became the first Chinese to enter the men’s 100-meter sprint final in the history of the Olympics, and for the first time since the Olympics adopted electronic timekeeping. Enter the Olympic 100-meter final.”

The above is the description of Su Bingtian on the BBC Chinese website. The report said that he ranked sixth in 9.98 seconds in the final. He was called “Su Shen” and “Su Bingtian yyds” by Chinese netizens without any medals (Internet term: eternal god). The West has always had a “gold medalist” prejudice against China, and it can’t help but be a little surprised at the performance of the Chinese in this session. The BBC continued: “Is there a “God” ranked sixth? But in the eyes of many Chinese, ranking sixth is also their “God”. Of course, they seem to have found the answer. “Because (100 meters) this is a project that China is almost destined to never win a gold medal.” Among the 160 people who ran into the 10-second mark in history, the first white man broke 10 seconds in 2010 and won the first in 2015. A yellow man who broke 10 is Su Bingtian. “

Is it that simple? Let’s look at another Chinese story that just happened. Reuters reported: “Xiaomi Group Chairman Lei Jun announced on Weibo yesterday that Chinese flying man Su Bingtian will become the brand spokesperson for Xiaomi and will release a number of new products including Mi MIX 4 and Mi Tablet 5.” It seems to be an ordinary one. What is the significance of commercial star-chasing behavior? It turned out that Lei Jun was also a Chinese who was difficult to achieve in the eyes of the West. The story goes back to the first World Internet Conference on November 20, 2014.

Lei Jun recalled the situation at the millet annual meeting yesterday. In the “Sino-foreign Internet Leaders Summit Dialogue” at the conference, Lei Jun disclosed Xiaomi’s goal: “In 5 to 10 years, Xiaomi will become the world’s number one smartphone company.” At that time, Apple was the number one in the world. In this regard, Apple’s senior vice president Bruce Sewell raised questions on the spot and said rudely: “It is easy to say, it is much more difficult to do.” It immediately caused a roar of laughter, the scene was very embarrassing, and the hostess also laughed Asked: “Mr. Lei Jun, tell me what you are going to do.” Lei Jun said OK, sure. He didn’t answer directly, but cleverly pulled his old friend off the scene and said, “I think Ma Yunye I said a word, what if it will happen!”

Lei Jun announced the latest sales results of Xiaomi.Online screenshot

“Unexpectedly, today, just 7 years later, Xiaomi defeated Apple in mobile phone sales and became the world’s second.” Lei Jun finally sighed today. By the way, Bruce Sevier was replaced by Apple in 2017 and is now retired for a long time. Not long ago, market research company CANALYS also released data showing that Xiaomi surpassed Apple in the second quarter of this year to become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. “Xiaomi Group’s Hong Kong stocks rose as high as 3.92% on Tuesday.”

Su Bingtian did not publicize in advance that he wanted to create Asian trapeze results, nor did he say that he could run a faster 9.83 seconds “China Impossible” score in the group stage. However, his solid but dazzling explosive power is similar to Lei Jun’s. The spirit is very matched, and it also teaches Westerners to understand the spirit of China’s YYDS.

Xiaomi Transparent TV

Xiaomi took the lead in launching a transparent TV, which is eye-catching.Online pictures

In August last year, Xiaomi launched a 55-inch screen TV with 49,999 yuan. The feature is “Ultra-thin screen, thinner than your mobile phone; 5.7mm transparent screen, both light and strong”, more feature is “completely transparent glass when turned off, like a TV when turned on.” The research and development of the transparent screen was earlier than ten years ago. Xiaomi is not the inventor, but Xiaomi has completed an impossible task: the Xiaomi transparent TV is the flattest one in the world. If Japan and South Korea are mass-produced and sold, the price must be dozens. Ten thousand yuan.

The above story reminds everyone that China is very capable of breaking into the “no man’s land”, showing that China has the strength to pursue the future and also has the courage to compete with any opponent.



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