Lin Chaoxian oversees the action film “Breaking Point”, Zhang Jiahui’s first poster, William Chan’s “anti-drug” hardcore and Liang Luo Shi _Video_Tang Weihan_Bona Films

Original title: Lin Chaoxian supervised the action film “Breaking Point”, the first poster of Zhang Jiahui, William Chan and the hard core of Liang Luo Shi “anti-drugs”

Today, Sohu Entertainment News, produced by Bona Film Group and Emperor Films, supervised by Lin Chaoxian and Liang Fengying, directed by Tang Weihan, the police and bandit action film “Breaking Point”, released the pilot poster and production tidbits ! This is the second time that Bona Films and Lin Chaoxian come together to create a police and bandit action blockbuster after “Operation Mekong”. , William Chan, and Liang Luo Shi to help. A movie is currently being filmed. It will be filmed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places.

Zhang Jiahui, William Chan, and Leung Loshi joined the film “Breaking Point” to ignite a black-and-white conflict for the anti-drug operation

The movie “Breaking Point” was written by Lin Chaoxian, supervised by Lin Chaoxian and Leung Fengying, directed by Tang Weihan, starring Zhang Jiahui, William Chan and Leung Luoshi. The story of bringing his gang to justice. Surprisingly, “Breaking Point” is the first time for Lin Chaoxian to serve as a film producer since he started his career. This time he accompanied the young director Tang Weihan and showed his skills in the field of police and bandit action, which he Same as a general chemical reaction.

The film “Breaking Point” released its first pilot poster today. The poster is full of details, and the atmosphere of danger and tension is blowing. Undercurrents surge in the bustling metropolis, and the crisis explodes like an explosive flame, some people’s lives hang by a thread, while others move in the opposite direction. Currently, the film is being intensively shot in Hong Kong, Malaysia and other places. Judging from the special production released this time, Zhang Jiahui, William Chan, Liang Luoshi and others have enter the role status fully. Although it is not known whether the roles they play are right and wrong, but from their point of view It is not difficult to see from the shape and the state of the film, without a doubt this is another pattern of Hong Kong police and bandit action with strong emotions, fierce actions, and black and white fighting, which is really exciting.

Chaoxian’s Yu Donglin cooperates with the gold medal team after “Operation Mekong” and throws a hardcore action blocker

On September 30, 2016, the film “Operation Mekong” jointly produced by Bona Films and Lin Chaoxian was released nationwide. Adapted from the “Mekong Massacre” that shocked the world in 2011, the film tells a thrilling and heartwarming anti-drug story. Finally, the film received a box office of 1.186 billion yuan, becoming the box office champion of the National Day box office and the champion of the number of viewers of the National Day crime film in the history of mainland film. A wave of “everyone is responsible for tackling drug crime” has been set within the scope.

Previously, films such as “Operation Mekong”, “Operation Red Sea”, “Emergency Rescue” and “Changjin Lake” collaborated by Bona Films and Lin Chaoxian have all received market recognition and word-of-mouth certification. After six years, Bona Films and Lin Chaoxian teamed up once again to focus the story on the anti-drug fight between the police and gangsters, and made every effort to create “Breaking Point” by the police and gangster. To this end, Lin Chaoxian not only wrote the script himself, but also participated in the preparation, production and shooting of the film with his old partner Liang Fengying. With the support of Bona Films, and the full dedication of the behind-the-scenes gold medal team such as Lin Chaoxian, Liang Fengying and action director Dong Wei, the movie “Breaking Point” will undoubtedly become a hit from annual hard core action worthy of the audience’s expectations.

The film “Break Point” produced by Bona Film Group and Emperor Films has attracted widespread attention since its release. It was written by Lin Chaoxian, supervised by Lin Chaoxian and Liang Fengying, directed by Tang Weihan, and to star Zhang Jiahui, Chen Weiting and Liang Luoshi. The movie is currently filming, so stay tuned!Return to Sohu, see more


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