Luangta Bunchuen Walking barefoot – provide drinking water ‘Bang Saphan Noi Vaccination Center’

On December 2, reporters reported that Luang Ta Bunchuen Panyawutho, a 72-year-old forest monk, walked barefoot in the southern provinces from Pathiu District, Chumphon Province to Bang Saphan Noi District. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province with a rescue team in the area to take care of Along the pilgrimage path, there are many Buddhists waiting to offer drinking water.

by Luangta Bunchuen get only water not accepting factors or money because he is determined to practice the Dharma pilgrimage Follow in the footsteps of the famous monk Luang Pu Man Phurithatto, while the disciples who follow Luang Ta will keep only water for the followers to drink. The remainder will be distributed among temples and schools in the area, as well as for those who are suffering or poor to drink to eat.

and after Luangta Boonchuen Take a break at Wat Tha Muang Bang Saphan Noi District Then walk barefoot on December 20 through Bang Saphan – Nong Hat Thai road. The route along the sea to Bang Saphan District. At 07.07, before leaving for the walk, Luang Ta Bunchuen gave a large amount of drinking water. with all donors to the vaccination center Bang Saphan Noi District Inside Wat Lahan

for history Luangta Bunchuen Formerly a villager in Sao Lao, Phon Sawan Subdistrict, Phon Sawan District, Nakhon Phanom Province, used to be a conscripted soldier. And had been through the Vietnam War around the year 1969 under the Artillery Battalion, Udon Thani Province and had undergone special combat training before discharge with veterans medal In the past, he was married and had four children after starting a family. has asked to be ordained on the occasion of the 80th birthday of King Rama IX and study the teachings of Luang Pu Man deep in the Dharma Until I cut off the world to enter the Dharma since 2009, then went on a pilgrimage to become Phra Sai Pa Thammayut Many hikes and remembered the temples in the forest for more than 7 years


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