Man in his 30s who murdered his girlfriend arrested within 10 minutes after being investigated for cover-up violence

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A man who has been accused of stabbing and killing a woman he was dating has been caught eight hours after fleeing with the woman’s body in a car.

Immediately before the crime, a woman said that a man had sexually assaulted her, and it emerged that the incident happened 10 minutes after she emerged from the police investigation.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun covered the story.

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This morning in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul.

A man goes to the back of a vehicle, and after a while an unconscious woman comes in the same vehicle.

Then, the man jumps in and stabs the woman with a knife.

The man who was hiding behind the vehicle found the woman and rushed to commit this crime.

The man drove the fallen woman out of the car park.

About three hours later, the caretaker of the building called the police saying they had “found bloodstains in the parking lot.”

[건물 관리인]

“When I was on patrol, I saw blood stains in the car park. I reported it because I saw (on CCTV) hitting a woman (with a weapon).”

The man went to Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

While fleeing, he evaded police pursuit by throwing the victim’s mobile phone out of the vehicle.

In the end, he was caught at around 3:30pm today, around 8 hours after the crime, but the victim in the back seat of the vehicle was already dead.

As a result of the confirmation, it was revealed that the two had been living together for about a year, and that the victim informed the police that she had been ‘dating violence’ this morning.

Right before the report, the two of them were in the PC room together, and when they came out, they were caught on CCTV as if they were in an elevator.

About 20 minutes later, the woman reported the man saying she had been assaulted, and police returned the man and woman at 6:11am and 7:07am, respectively.

The man who finished the investigation first changed his clothes and hid behind a car wearing a mask, then killed the woman who came out after the police investigation.

[살해 피의자]

<데이트폭력 신고 때문에 보복했을까요?>

″Yes, yes.″

<살해 혐의 인정하십니까?>

“Yes, I admit it.”

Unlike stalking, there is no legal basis for dating violence such as assault and intimidation to separate the perpetrator from the victim through ‘no entry’.

Police said the woman who died refused to wear a smart watch, and sent it back after she applied for ‘residential patrol measures’ only.

After investigating the specific motive for the crime, the police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for the man tomorrow.

This is Lee Ji-eun from MBC News.

Video commentary: Lee Jong-hyuk, Lim Ji-soo / Video editing: Lee Jeong-geun


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