March 4 is the deadline for joining the labor registration scheme in Bahrain

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority said March 4 is the last date for joining the labor registration scheme in Bahrain. The authorities also said that strict action will be taken against those who are illegally employed in the country.

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has warned that illegal workers and flexible visa holders in Bahrain should legalize their documents through the Labor Registration Scheme before March 4. LMRA will take stronger action against violators’ the law from March.

Investigations to identify illegal workers and take legal action and deport them are currently being intensified. Expired and invalid work permit holders and flexible permit holders can register through the Labor Registration Scheme. In the meantime, those who have committed a crime or who have breached the conditions of the current license will not be eligible to register under the scheme.

Workers can find out if they are eligible to join the Labor Registration Scheme through an authorized registration center and by visiting the LMRA website. Eligibility can be checked by texting the Employee Identification Number to +973 33150150 and contacting the LMRA call center on +973 17103103, LM said. RA officials explained

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