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Marshall rants Red Bull F1 representative Christian Horner warned F1 Qatar GP[F1-Gate .com]

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Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner has been warned by Steward about his rant to Marshall.

After the F1 Qatar GP race, Christian Horner is associated with slander. He was reported to have visited the Steward office at 19:15 pm local time on suspicion of violating the FIA ​​International Motorsports Competition Regulations.

12.2.1.f Anything that causes slander or loss to the FIA, FIA organizations, FIA members, or FIA executive officers, and more generally to the interests of motorsport and the values ​​that the FIA ​​advocates. Words, actions or descriptions.

12.2.1.k Any cheating against:
-License holders, competition officials, FIA officers or staff members, organizer or promoter staff members, competition participants staff members, Doping Control Officials, or Doping Controls under Annex A. Others involved in.

Christian Horner’s rant was related to dissatisfaction with the FIA ​​after Max Verstappen was penalized for a five-grid demotion in qualifying by ignoring Double Yellow.

Christian Horner said of the case, “I think it was just a rogue marshall who was flagging, and he hadn’t even been instructed by the FIA.”

Steward said Christian Horner described his reaction as “done under competitive pressure,” following Max Verstappen’s penalty.

“I explained that the Marshalls involved are working exactly as stipulated in international sports law,” Steward said.

“Mr. Horner apologized to the relevant Marshall and offered to explain to the media that he did not violate.”

“He also offered to participate in the FIA ​​International Steward Program in early February 2022.”

“Steward unconditionally accepts Mr. Horner’s offer.”

Christian Horner, who was interviewed by Sky Sports F1 after hearing Steward, said, “In a previous interview, I was asked about marshalling and made some comments. I want to clarify that marshalling is doing a great job.” Said.

“The frustration I expressed earlier was not Marshall, but the situation. If anyone commits a breach, I naturally apologize for it. I feel frustrated that I’m in a situation like ours. ing”

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