Home Business MG’s total sales for 3 quarters grew 14%, moving to the 5th position in the July and August market.

MG’s total sales for 3 quarters grew 14%, moving to the 5th position in the July and August market.

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MG announces total sales for 3 quarters, growing 14%, moving to 5th in July and August market Ready to restart happiness for customers to end the year with a 150 day free drive offer!!

Bangkok – 11 October 2021 – SAIC Motor-CP Company Limited and MG Sales (Thailand) Company Limited Manufacturers and dealers of MG cars in Thailand. Announcement of total sales after the end of the 3rd quarter hasgrowth rate to 14% Ready to set a new record, bringing the brandtop 5 of the Thai car marketIn July and August, after the launch ALL NEW MG5 The new sports coupe sedan and reinforcing the organization with outstanding business operations by grabbingreward THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2021 TYPE OF EXCELLENCE OUTSTANDING AWARDS ready to move forward to bring happiness to Thai people again as wellspecial campaign “RESTART – Restart, restore happiness” Received the last quarter after the better direction of the covid situation.

MG reveals the top 3 quarters of ’64 grow up over 14% ready to do a new high again

Mr. Pongsak Lertrudee Wattanawong Deputy Managing Director, MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Revealed that “this year, the situation of covid has become the main factor that greatly affects the production and sales of cars in the country. This caused MG to adjust its business strategy in accordance with the situation. and can create continuous growth with cumulative sales figures for 3 quarters at 21,279 vehicle or thinkThe growth rate is higher than 14% compared to the same period last year.”

However, if considering quarterly, it was found that MG sales inquarter 1 and 2 has grown exponentially from the situation of covids in the country that has unfolded in a good direction coupled with the launch MG EXTENDER new facelift with the continually creating special offers and marketing activities and expanding to more channels whilequarter 3 The covid situation has turned violent again. causing consumers to delay their purchases to wait and see the situation But MG continues to move forward with the plan as it had set. with the launch of a new car is ALL NEW MG5 A sports coupe sedan with outstanding design. technology and functions with a worthwhile price that makes MGwith sales moving up to the No. 5 of the car market in Thailand In the past July and August

“Having a car that meets the needs and needs of consumers as wellTechnology, modernity and value including the availability of after-sales service This is the factor that makes MG grow and gain recognition. continuously and is the leader of the automotive market in many groups, whethermultipurpose vehicle market B-SUV in version MG ZS with consistently high sales electric vehicle group 100% both MG ZS EV and MG EP which still remainshas a high market share 90% and ALL NEW MG5 whichRanked at 3 in the small passenger car group or the B-Segment market as well

MG sweeps the award 2 years in a row from THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS, extending to being a fast growing organization to become a car brand with outstanding performance

Proof of sales above It is one of the reflections of the success of the MG brand. As an organization with the goal of continuously developing and upgrading the brand to meet the needs of consumers. until gaining more trust and confidence from Thai people and most recently received an award THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS Year 2021 Award Category “OUTSTANDING AWARDS” As an organization with outstanding business operations both in terms of performance, innovation, management and recognized customer service, which is an award THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS for the second year After receiving the award in the category FAST – GROWING COMPANY AWARD” Or an organization with a performance that has grown rapidly in the past year.

for Thai people to restart (Restart) Happy again. with great offers from MG

“We expect that in the last quarter of this year The domestic economy will recover and the Covid-19 situation will unfold in a better direction MG would like to be a part of restoring happiness for Thai people. Help reduce the burden on customers by creating special campaigns. “RESTART – Restart, restore happiness” to customersfree drive 150 daysBefore starting the first installment of the car model MG ZS, MG HS, MG HS PHEV and MG EXTENDER pickup trucks and other special offers. Throughout this October For those who are interested, you can follow the details from the company’s various communication channels and at more than 150 MG dealers nationwide.” Mr. Pongsak summed up

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