‘Miwoo Bird’ Byun Jae-jun, the first male artistic swimming player… Dad Byeon Jin-seop and Bungeoppang visual ‘eyes’

Byun Jin-seop’s youngest son made a surprise appearance.

In SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ (hereinafter ‘Miwoo Bird’) broadcast on the 28th, Im Won-hee and Jeong Seok-yong challenged artistic swimming.

On this day’s broadcast, they invited a teacher for a challenge. Their teacher appeared as Korea’s first male artistic swimmer, Byun Jae-jun.

The two could not hide their delight at his appearance. In fact, he was the youngest son of singer Byeon Jin-seop. All the performers exclaimed, “We look a lot alike. He really resembles my father.”

And Jeong Seok-yong sang Jin-seop Byun’s hit song, saying, “I’m a person who bought a senior’s cassette tape and listened to it ignorantly.” In addition, Im Won-hee said, “I liked the song ‘Laura'” and sang ‘Laura’, appealing to be a fan of Byeon Jin-seop, attracting attention.

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)



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