MK Stalin Criticizes Controversy Surrounding Son’s Remarks on Sanatana Dharma

Chennai, 07 Sep 2023 – Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has responded to the controversy surrounding his son and minister, Udayanidhi Stalin, regarding his remarks on Sanatana Dharma. Udayanidhi had spoken out against discrimination towards Scheduled Castes, Tribals, and women within the context of Sanatana Dharma. Stalin clarified that his son’s intention was not to offend any religious beliefs or faiths. He also criticized the response of Prime Minister Modi, stating that it lacked an understanding of Udayanidhi’s statements.

Contrary to reports, Udayanidhi did not call for genocide or engage in false propaganda. Stalin expressed disappointment with the false narrative that was being spread and called for a fitting response from the Prime Minister. As the Chief Minister, Stalin emphasized the importance of leaders having the necessary information and systems to comprehend the current situation accurately. He questioned whether the Prime Minister’s response was based on a lack of understanding or was deliberate.

Stalin also criticized pro-BJP groups for their inability to support Udayanidhi’s stance against the oppression faced by Scheduled Castes, Tribals, and women. He questioned how the BJP, which seemingly overlooked caste discrimination within Sanatana Dharma, could protect the rights of Dalits.

Furthermore, Stalin condemned the BJP’s proposal to implement a single-country election system as a mere political tactic. He alleged that the central government’s objective was to create divisions within the opposition alliance through this move.

In summary, Chief Minister MK Stalin addressed the controversy revolving around his son’s remarks on Sanatana Dharma, clarifying their intention and criticizing the response of Prime Minister Modi. He also questioned the BJP’s ability to address issues of discrimination and denounced their attempts to implement a single-country election system.

07 Sep 2023, 03:29 PM IST MK Stalin| Photo: ANI

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has reacted to the Sanatana Dharma reference controversy regarding his son and minister Udayanidhi Stalin. Udayanidhi spoke against discrimination against Scheduled Castes, Tribals and women in relation to Sanatana Dharma. Stalin explained that it was not an attempt to offend any religion or religious belief. Stalin also criticized Prime Minister Modi’s response to the issue without understanding what Udayanidhi said.

Udayanidhi has called for genocide and false propaganda is going on. But Udayanidhi has not mentioned the word genocide anywhere. The report was disappointing and ordered Prime Minister Udayanidhi to give a befitting reply. The First Minister has the facilities and systems to understand the current situation in any matter. Stalin also asked if the Prime Minister’s response was without understanding the lies being spread in the Udayanidhi case or deliberately.

Pro-BJP movements cannot support Udayanidhi’s stand against oppression of Scheduled Castes, Tribals and women. That’s why they run so many fake campaigns. Stalin also asked how the BJP, which has no problem with caste discrimination in Sanatana Dharma, will protect the Dalits.

Stalin also criticized the BJP’s move to implement a single country election system as a political gimmick. He also claimed that the central government is trying to create a rift in the opposition alliance through this.

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