(more) PRINC joins hands with RATCH to establish a new hospital in Sakon Nakhon, 59 beds, investment amount

Principal Capital Plc. (PRINC) revealed that Principal Healthcare Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in which PRINC owns 100%, established a new subsidiary under the name Principal. Healthcare – Sakon Nakhon Co., Ltd. to operate a hospital business, with Principal Healthcare Co., Ltd. holding 75% and RATCH Group Plc. (RATCH) holding 25%, registered capital 300,000,000 baht, divided into 30,000,000 shares. Par value of 10 baht per share

The objective of the establishment of the said company is to operate a 59-bed hospital business by renting a land plot of 14 rai and constructing a hospital. The total investment value is 463 million baht, including construction costs. cost of medical equipment information technology system and working capital

Mr. Thani Maneenut, Assistant Managing Director of PRINC, revealed that the joint investment This is in line with the plan to expand hospitals to complete 20 hospitals within the year 66 from the current number of 12 locations in 10 provinces. The guidelines for expanding the number of hospitals are The company does not block investment guidelines. which will have both investment by itself or open to partners who want to invest in the hospital business but lacks expertise in hospital business The same is true for working with RATCH, which will bring about mutual business power.

At the same time, progress in the development of land for the construction of hospitals Set a press conference on the signing of agreements and cooperation in the development of the area. To construct Prince Sakon Nakhon Hospital, Sakon Nakhon Province, between Principal Healthcare Company Limited and the Roman Catholic Mission of Nong Saeng – Tha Rae with partners on December 25, 2021, from 2pm-3:30pm at St. Joseph School, Sakon Nakhon, Sakon Nakhon

PRINC has a total of 12 hospitals in 10 provinces, including Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital, Prince Lamphun Hospital, Sirivej Lamphun Hospital, Prince Pak Nam Pho Hospital 1, Pak Nam Pho 2 Hospital, Prince Uthai Thani Hospital, Phetchaburi Hospital. Prince Ubon Ratchathani, Wiratsilp Chumphon Hospital, Phitsanuwet Phichit Hospital, Prince Sisaket Hospital, Phitsanuwet Phitsanulok Hospital and Phitsanuwet Uttaradit Hospital.

and most recently, the hospital is in the process of developing land to build on behalf Prince Sakon Nakhon Hospital, Sakon Nakhon Province will become the 13th hospital in the group in 11 provinces, respectively.


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