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Produced by Huanrui Century, the much-anticipated TV series “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” has been broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV at 19:30 pm on April 6th. The play is directed by Gao Xixi, directed by Zhao Lijun, starring Feng Shaofeng, Chen Baoguo, Ying Er, He Shengming, Chen Yicheng, Zhang Fengyi and Wang Ji Friendship, and Cheng Yi and Yu Tinger. The fourth son, Zhu Di, has gone through the battlefield since he was young, and finally grew into a qualified military general and commander of a country, and achieved great achievements.

The family perspective is novel and unique, and the historical drama leads to the upsurge

At present, one episode of “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” has been broadcast. Although there are not many episodes, the plot unfolds can be described as witty and vivid, with many clues, which has aroused the audience’s appetite. As a historical drama, the narrative perspective of the drama is quite unique. The opening chapter not only shows the magnificent frontier situation and the Great Ming Dynasty, but also adds a lot of humanized family perspectives. Zhu Yuanzhang and Empress Ma get along like an ordinary husband and wife. Empress Ma cooks for her husband herself. Zhu Yuanzhang and his wife chat about political affairs while eating. The sons’ homework; including the Xu Da family, the daughter Xu Miaoyun would get angry because her father and brother stole food. This way of opening is ingenious and down-to-earth, and slowly unfolds a grand historical trajectory in the delicate daily life. And this multi-faceted presentation of the “Da Ming family” from the inside out also opened up another novel perspective for the audience to appreciate that period of history.

At the same time, the first episode is also full of surprises. The performances of Chen Baoguo, Zhang Fengyi, Wang Ji and other veteran actors stabilized the historical tone of the whole drama as soon as it came up. Zhu Yuanzhang, played by Chen Baoguo, is imposing, not angry and arrogant; Xu Daying, played by Zhang Fengyi, is domineering in martial arts and has the style of a military commander; Queen Ma, played by Wang Ji, also has a strong temperament hidden in kindness. In addition, the young Zhu Di played by Cheng Yi is free and uninhibited, intelligent, and full of yearning for the battlefield, and the character image is very clear. The young Xu Miaoyun played by Yu Tinger is cold and aloof, mature and alert. Many characters appeared one after another, and they were praised for their acting skills and character settings.

Although only one episode was broadcast on the first day, the work has carried out a rich development of both the family and the country, such as border disputes, court discussions, father-son family affection, husband and wife, etc. The plot points are overwhelming. For this reason, the play has also won a good reputation. The audience has expressed that they can’t watch enough, and they feel that they haven’t seen such an enjoyable historical drama for a long time. They also praised the play’s many characters, complicated branch lines, outstanding acting skills, and the perspective of family affection. It is also more in line with contemporary aesthetics, and I want to keep chasing it.

A section of Huanghuang’s history of the Ming Dynasty, a giant system like rain

It is reported that “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” is based on the history of the Ming Dynasty, started in Hongwu, and ended in Yongle. From Hongwu’s founding of the country, which is riddled with holes and wastes waiting to be revived, to Wanbang’s prosperous era of Yongle, it can be said to intercept a period of the most brilliant Ming Dynasty. The historical time, depicting a turbulent and clear, exciting and high-spirited historical picture. In this play, we can see the history of the growth of King Yan Zhu Di from a passionate young man to a generation of emperors; we can also see the “Old Zhu Family” of the Daming family, a family that cares about the people and the world It can also be seen that in the tumultuous struggle of the times, the appearance and ending of vivid characters, their historical writing and influence. At the same time, you can also appreciate the character and elegance of a dynasty in an all-round way, and see its social development and human beings.

In recent years, historical dramas in ancient costumes have been rare on the screen, and historical giants such as “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” are even more faulty. The broadcast of “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” on Beijing Satellite TV not only fills the market gap, but also for the audience who have not seen a historical drama for a long time, it is a long drought and a good rain, and they will definitely be able to feast their eyes. It is reported that in order to ensure the authenticity of “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” at the historical level, the main creative team invited a number of Ming history experts to escort the script during the preparation stage to ensure that the plot respects history and conforms to the historical development context. “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” is born out of Chinese history and tells Chinese stories well, and at the same time strives to stand on a certain historical height and cultural breadth, bringing the audience a spiritual feast that demonstrates cultural self-confidence.

Although only one episode has been broadcast at present, as a work based on the great career of Ming Chengzu Zhu Di, the follow-up plot of the show is also constantly climaxing. Zhu Di resists marrying Xu Miaoyun, is willing to follow Xu Da to fight on the battlefield, and experience baptism and transformation in internal and external changes… A series of exciting plots are coming slowly, I believe that those friends who say they have not seen enough will be “feast for the eyes”.

The turbulent historical time and space, the magnificent narrative style, the strong cast, the full historical group portraits, the magnificent scene reproduction, the exquisite costumes, and the rigorous creative attitude make “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” a potential hit in 2022. Key episodes. For Fang Huanrui Century, the producer of “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight”, the broadcast of the show also showed his ability to control the grand theme and delicate expression of China’s glorious history.

“Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV at 19:30 every night, and Youku will be updated at 22:00 every night, so stay tuned.

(Zhang Wen)

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