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‘Mt. Nahon’ Sandara Park’s first independence in 38 years… The reverse daily life of riding a village bus

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[이데일리 스타in 김보영 기자] Sandara Park is the first to scramble for ‘I Live Alone’, and with the first independence in 38 years, the ‘sensory restaurant’ house will be released after one month. Sandara Park prepares a Han River ramen machine in the kitchen and raises expectations by foretelling a reversal of daily life where the village bus rides without hesitation.

MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ (directed by Heo Hang Kim Ji-woo), which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 26th, will reveal the day of Sandara Park, a newcomer who is one month behind.

Sandara Park was surprised when she revealed that she had been living with her parents at home after finishing the dorm life with the members during 2NE1’s promotions, “I am independent after 38 years” and “Living alone is a ‘dream’ for me.” brings about

Sandara Park continued, “I lived the life of a K-eldest daughter until now. I started deviating from last year.” He said, “I have been living a life of a model student, but I am curious as to why I had a desire for independence belatedly. As Sandara Park was thirsty for independence as a latecomer, it is said that she took the interior concept as ‘deviation’.

Sandara Park boasts a ‘sensory restaurant’-like interior, from a collection that fills one side of the living room wall to a dressing room that calls for pupil expansion. In addition, the refrigerator, kitchen, and even the hallway are decorated with pictures of ‘Sandara Park before riding’, causing laughter with the interior reminiscent of Jeon Hyun-moo’s narcissistic house.

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On the other hand, the Han River ramen machine, which is somewhat inconsistent with the ‘sensory restaurant’ house, occupies a famous place in the kitchen and steals attention. The Han River Ramen Machine is the first ‘roman item’ that Sandara Park wanted to have when he became independent. Sandara Park, who is famous as a newscaster, stimulates curiosity by saying that she opened a gourmet-scale mukbang as if she had regained her taste that she had forgotten for 38 years as well as realizing her dream of being traced back.

On this day, Sandara Park said, “I can’t survive without management anymore,” and used black goat extract as a dessert to show the king of health care. Then, while carrying a bot-jim (?), she rides a village bus and goes to a second-hand trade, foretelling a daily life that has repeated reversals, making this broadcast a lot more awaited.

Traces Newcomer Sandara Park’s energetic day can be seen through ‘I Live Alone’, which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on the 26th.

Meanwhile, ‘I Live Alone’ is loved as a single life trend leader program that shows the colorful rainbow life of single-person household stars.


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