Nameless Chanathip! Frontale loses to Ulsan Point out the fate of Guangzhou next time


Kawasaki Frontale lost to Ulsan Hyundai in a dramatic 2-3, making it the J-League champions. Fall in the top of the crowd Before the final game, it has to determine the destiny to qualify with Guangzhou FC, while this match is not named Chanathip Songkrasin, both in the starter and the reserve in the AFC Champions League battle on 27 Apr ago

AFC football match Champions League 2022 group stage Eastern zone on Wednesday, April 27, 65 at Hassan Yunos Stadium, Johor, Malaysia at 16:00 Thailand time. It is a game in Group I, the 5th match between Ulsan Hyundai, the South Korean team, the third-placed team of the group with 7 points from 4 matches, against Kawasaki Frontale, the home of “J” Chanathip Song. Krasin, the top team of the group with 8 points from 4 games, the pair met on the opening match and ended in a 1-1 draw.

Kawasaki Frontale, who has “Toru Oniki” as the commander of the army, has endured a strong form with a 5-0 win over Johor Darul Taksim in that game in the case of “J” Chanathi. Por Songkrasin came back to start the real one again and scored 1 goal with 1 assist as well But in this game, the name is not included in the team.

The first half started only 2 minutes. Frontale greeted first from the moment Marcinho slipped into the penalty area, but still saved. Jo Hyun Woo came out to close the corner in time.

After the seventh minute, Frontale missed the lead unbelievably when Kim Yong Kwon slipped the ball into Leandro Damiyao before focusing on the penalty area. But the ball flew over the beam without a chance.

However, Ulsan, who was the second in the game, got the goal to lead 1-0 when Balery Kasaivilly broke the defense of Frontale, came out alone, came to the goal to save Jung Sung Ryong in the first stroke before rebounded into the direction of Leonardo’s gun, following repeatedly, no more

Only not enough, in the 20th minute, Ulsan fled to 2-0 from the rhythm of the quick counter-attack, and it was Leonardo who came down to grab the ball low. And then stabbed through the channel for Won Sang Am to fall alone before shooting, breaking the joint, sending the ball into the far post.

But before the end of the first half, Frontale followed the beaten egg to be 1-2. Shoko Taniguchi added up to open the penalty area from half the field for Marcinho, who headed to the far post. Leandro Damillao had no charge left.

The rest of the time, there were no more goals. The first half ended with Ulsan Hyundai leading Frontale 2-1.

The second half played only 2 minutes, Leonardo put the ball through the hole for Balery Kasai Willi to slip into the penalty area before locking away Shoko Taniguchi before shooting through Jung Sung Ryong’s legs. A superb goal gave Ulsan a 3-1 escape in the 47th minute.

68 minutes, Leandro Damiyao has pressed with the right focus in the penalty area, has not passed the hand, Cho Hyun Wu has been brushed off behind him.

At the end of the 90+2 minute stoppage game, Frontale chased 2-3. Taniguchi set up headers for Leandro Damiyao to volley along the water with the right, sending the ball tucked into the bottom of the net.

No more goals left at the end of the game, Ulsan Hyundai beat Kawasaki Frontale 3-2, increasing to 10 points, moving past Frontale to stay at the top of the group while Frontale Young have 8 points

For the next match program, Kawasaki Frontale will meet Guangzhou FC, while Ulsan Hyundai Johor Darul Taksim will be held on April 30.

List of players for both teams

Kawasaki Frontale : Jung Sung Ryong – Miki Yamane, Shintaro Kurumaya, Shoko Taniguchi, Asahi Sasaki – Yasuto Wakisaka, Kento Tachibanada – Akihiro Ienaka, Daiya Tono, Marcinho – Leandro Damiyao

Ulsan Hyundai : Cho Hyun Woo – Young Woo Seoul. Lim Jong Un, Kim Young Kwon. Lee Jae Myung – Lee Gyu Sung, Park Young Woo – Won Sang Am, Balery Kasai Willi, Lee Chung Young – Leonardo

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