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NASA’s ‘Crew-3’ spacecraft postponed to 3rd of next month

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[이데일리 김정유 기자] The launch of the spacecraft ‘Crew-3’, which was scheduled to be launched by NASA and SpaceX, has been delayed due to a storm.

On the 30th (local time), NASA announced on its official Twitter that the launch of the Crew-3 had been delayed to 1:10 a.m. ET on the 3rd of the following month.

NASA was originally scheduled to launch Crew-3 with four astronauts at dawn on the 31st, but it is reported that the launch was delayed due to a sudden large storm.

The large storm is currently moving through the Ohio Valley area in the United States toward the northeast. The launch was delayed, NASA said, as strong winds caused damage to the Florida space station and spacecraft routes.

The weather conditions on the 3rd of the month following the launch of the Crew-3 are expected to improve. NASA estimates that the weather conditions on the day of the launch are likely to improve by 80%.

The four astronauts aboard Crew-3 are NASA astronaut Commander Raja Chari, pilot Tom Marshburn, Special Task Force Kayla Barron, and astronaut Matthias Maurer (a member of the European Union Space Agency).

The four astronauts will be heading into space in the future aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance spacecraft equipped with a Falcon 9 rocket from a Florida base station. They plan to stay on the International Space Station until April next year and conduct research on materials engineering, health, and botany related to the future of mankind.


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